Where can I find definitions of the feature requests statuses?

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Some statuses are obvious, others are not. For instance, the feature request for split transactions to each stand on their own has a status of Active but it is not active as far as being available.

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    I believe Active means that the discussion is active - that is, it hasn't been closed to further comments but the request or question hasn't been escalated to any other status.

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    From using the community and looking at the notes on the yellow voting square that shows up on the first page of a request, I gather:

    Open and Closed tags refer to voting.

    Open: Voting open - Applies to ideas in active or in review

    Closed: Voting closed - Applies to ideas in all other statuses

    Other statuses refer to idea stage. Some highlights below.

    Active: Open to votes and comments, not being considered for implementation

    In Review: Open to votes and comments, sent by the customer care team to be reviewed by the product team

    Planned: Voting closed, commenting could be open or closed, idea is being set up for implementation, planning stage

    In Progress: Voting closed, commenting could be open or closed, idea is being worked to be implemented

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