Ability to assign different Payees to Split Transactions (edited)

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For my ATM withdrawals, I'd like to be able to split the amount but also specify different payee's for the splits.

Currently you can only specify a different category and tag for each split. Please allow us to give a different payee for the splits.

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  • Coach Jon
    Coach Jon Moderator admin

    Hello @esender,

    Thanks for your idea post! In your case, I would honestly suggest tracking your ATM withdrawals using the steps in the "How do I Track Cash in Quicken Simplifi" Article: https://help.simplifimoney.com/en/articles/5784052-how-do-i-track-cash-in-quicken-simplifi

    Tracking your cash this way enables an easier way to verify how much cash you have available. I hope this helps!


    Coach Jon

  • tarawhite
    tarawhite Unconfirmed, Member

    Idea: When you split a transaction, being able to label (rename) the transaction two different names. For example, if you buy from Walmart groceries and shoes and then need to split the total transaction (e.g., $50 for groceries, and $20 for clothing-shoes) then you should be able to label the split separately (e.g., Walmart- groceries; Walmart-clothes). It would help to be able to name transactions so it keeps a clear record for when you look back on purchases.