I cannot sign up

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I am trying to use this service but when I sign up it asks for a zip code. I put it in and it still asks for a zip code. I tried 5+4 nothing, I tried an old zip code, nothing. So I tried Paypal. I put in the info but the submit button does nothing when you click it. I want to try this but I hope the entire experience isn't like this! Thanks.


  • Coach Jon
    Coach Jon Moderator admin

    Hello @MJGMail,

    Thanks for posting to the community! Are you in Canada? If so, you will need to use your mobile app store to install and sign up for Quicken Simplifi.


    Coach Jon

  • Morrow24
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    Have you tried another browser? Sometimes when I have similar issues when signing up on websites, I either clear my cache and cookies or just use a different browser and it works.

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