We need the ability to show discount amounts in split transactions (edited)

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We need the ability to show discount amounts in split transactions.

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  • Coach Kristina
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    Hello @RLF01,

    To create a split transaction that also documents a discount, you would put the discount in as a positive number (put a + sign in front of it).

    The thing that would cause the most trouble would be the free shipping since it won't let you put in a line item for $0. To get around that, you'd probably need to document the free shipping with a tag. Or alternatively, you could document it with a minus and plus transaction (for instance one transaction for the shipping fee and then a positive "discount" transaction for that amount to make the shipping free).

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Kristina


  • Coach Jon
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    Hello @RLF01,

    Thanks for reaching out! Could you provide a little more clarity on what exactly you are asking for here? Splitting a transaction allows you to assign multiple Categories and Tags to a single transaction and Split the amount of the transaction between those Categories. https://help.simplifimoney.com/en/articles/3348103-managing-transactions-in-quicken-simplifi#split-a-transaction

    If you could provide more information on what specifically you want for your discount amounts in these split transactions, that would better help us understand.

    Thank You,

    Coach Jon

  • RLF01
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    Hi Coach Jon,

    For example I order dog and cat food totaling 3 items. In order to track them separately I split the items pricing them one at a time. Then the seller gives me a discount. :

    Items Subtotal: $83.38

    Flat-Rate Shipping: Free

    @Autoship & Save - 5% off: -$4.17

    Sales Tax: $8.55

    Order Total: $87.76

    How do I make a transaction look like this?

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