Confused about something I'm seeing in Investments -> Transactions

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On the web app Transactions page under Investments, I'm seeing a couple of pending transactions from January and February.

But in the Spending plan, these transactions are all cleared

Is there a reason for this apparent discrepancy that I'm unaware of, or is there something wrong with the Transactions page? Is it possible these are somehow marked as Pending because I've chosen to include them in the Spending Plan, rather than the default Ignore?

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    The spending plan shows the transaction as either received or upcoming as soon as a transaction is matched to the series. The pending status is irrelevant for the spending plan, the transaction exists, hence the item is marked as received for Edward Jones Trad.

    Did the transactions clear at your bank? If so, manually clear them.

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    Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be a way to manually clear them. Perhaps because Investment Transactions is in beta?

    Also, the Investment Transaction screen incorrectly shows the transaction s being excluded from Spending Plan and Reports.

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    @ajbopp, thanks for pointing this out!

    Investment Transactions are still very much being worked on. The 'pending' issue is similar to what @DannyB reported here awhile back:

    Since there's no way to mark an Investment Transaction as 'cleared', I personally think we need an Idea post requesting the ability to do so. Feel free to make that request!

    Otherwise, I'd suggest adding your experience with Investment Transaction in our feedback post so it can be reviewed by the product team:

    As for correcting the problems at hand (the Investment Transactions being stuck as 'pending' and showing that they're excluded from Reports and the Spending Plan), I'd suggest deleting and manually re-creating the transactions. Since they're Linked Transfers, I'd first suggest unlinking the banking transaction from the Investment Transaction by changing the Category to a non-Transfer Category. This will allow you to work with just the Investment Transaction side so you can delete and recreate them, leave the exclude boxes unchecked when doing so, and then re-link them to the "other side" and make sure they still show as "Paid"/"Received" in the Spending Plan.

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie

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    Hi @ajbopp

    This is an ongoing… thing for me too. Here is the transaction page for one of my custodial accounts as of today.

    As with yours, this deposit shows in my investment account as Pending and the category reflects it's origin as my checking account.

    Here is the deposit as downloaded from my brokerage account. It is found in the cleared section of the account register but it is categorized as "Personal Income."

    I select both transactions and use the merge function to combine them.

    There is a waring that pops up about what is about to happen. I accept it and then the two transactions become one in the cleared section of the register and the transaction is properly categorized as a transfer from my checking account.

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