The fix for Mint's CSV and JSON export file mess

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A helpful Redditor made a script that merges the CSV files provided by Mint and Monarch's Chrome extension:

The problem for me was that Mint's CSV (generated after March 23, 2024) included duplicates, and Monarch's Mint CSV changed all subcategories (custom or default) to the parent category. Interestingly, half of my categories were missing from the Mint JSON export file that the "Export Mint to Simplifi" extension generated—not from the transactions themselves, but from the "categories" JSON property, which meant the transaction subcategory within the "transactions" JSON property was seemingly randomly assigned. I spent much of this weekend Javascripting the JSON file (to remove duplicates and restore descriptions/categories) before realizing this. Between the Mint CSV, Mint JSON, and Monarch CSV, a single transaction had three different categories. The Python script linked above finally allowed me to accurately import thousands of meticulously labeled and categorized transactions.



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