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Hello All!
Ranks are a fun way for us to reward you with the status you deserve by participating in the community and helping out other users.

You can achieve different ranks in the community based on the amount of points you've accumulated here. This rank will display on your profile, and next to your name whenever you post.

How do I get points?

There are a lot of ways to earn points here on the community:

Earn Badges
You can receive badges for all kinds of things, from adding a profile picture to answering questions.

Comment on Discussions
While you don't receive points for commenting, those comments add up to give you comment-specific badges and points.

Answer Questions
You'll receive one point for every answer you post, and an additional five points if the question-asker accepts your answer. If your answer is really great, our moderator team will promote it, for an additional five points. Cha-ching!


I'm New: 6 points
Thanks for your contributions so far! Stick around a little longer and share your knowledge. You can now add a signature and avatar picture to your profile and add links to your posts.

Contributor: 25 points
You're a regular here! You've even got a favorite chair. You can now see the WYSIWYG editor when you post, and you'll have a little extra time to edit your own posts and answers.

Rising Star: 51 points
Wow! You're on the verge of breaking through the stratosphere! You have even longer to edit your own posts and answers, and you can even private message other users.

Super Star: 101 points
You're one of our top contributors! You're hanging around so much, we think it's about time you had a little more control--you now have the ability to Promote threads you think are important to the community, or sink threads that are old or no longer relevant.

Ultimate Simplifier: 501 points
You've made it to the big leagues! You basically own the place--so you now have some moderation capabilities, and access to our private user Lounge.

Happy Posting!


Simplifi Community Coach

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