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Greetings Simplify,

I think it would be a great idea to have some graphs added to the investments tab where you can graph out where my allocations are, US Stock Market/International Stocks/Bonds/Cash, etc. And the graph needs to be interactive meaning once it is graphed out, I can click on each section (color-coded) and it drills down, like Large CAP/Mid CAP/Small CAP, and by clicking on each one of them, it gives me what I am investing in by way of ETFs/Stock names, how much in each and the value as of today, etc.

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  • Mamote
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    Great idea above . That would be ideal
    Or at least display the percentage relative to the total account value when inside each account. and when viewing all investment display the % relative to the entire portfolio

  • mverbree
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    Just to add to the ideas above, I was just looking for a way of finding the percentage of each type of account against the overall portfolio, like a pie graph.  I usually have to do this with a spreadsheet, but a simple pie graph showing 401K, IRA, Roth IRA, Crypto, Taxable, etc.  That way I know where to continually put my money when going for a fully diversified portfolio.
  • Poptarts
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    A near feature to enhance the investments function would be portfolio allocations with the ability to select individual or multiple funds. It would be a benefit to see a high-level view of all linked investments to determine general percentage of funds in domestic stocks, bonds, large cap funds, etc. Overall, I like the basic investment features in the app and would love to see more detail such as this capability to provide a quick view of diversification. 
  • Ulysses
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    Here's another example showing current vs. target percentages, from a competitor:

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  • Diver4242
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    This is long overdue and I'd love to see it! More like this would bring in lots of folks from Empower/Personal Capital, which has this advantage. Get 'er done Quicken/Simplifi! Thanks!

  • ffurja
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    This will require the capability to manually assign or tag assets to classes or catagories.

  • Rob5527
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    Reviving this thread. I would also really like this feature.

    Here is an image from Empower, who i think does a real good job of this. You can click into each one of these squares to analyze that asset class further.

    For example in U.S Stocks i get the following:

    I really really love this view and it helps me re-balance my investments. These are automatically categorized for me based on the Ticker. I didn't have to manually enter any of this.

  • ds824
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    See a breakdown of investment holdings by sector and allocation.

    Ex: 30% US Stock, 20% US Bonds, etc.

    Ex: 30% Technology, 15% Healthcare 10% Energy, etc

  • Dave L
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    This would be a good feature. I am being forced to also use a competitor so that I I can get this type of breakdown. Would love to have all in one app!

  • Atul
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    This would be a really good feature. I am also being forced to use Empower to get this data.

  • Blockman
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    [Quicken] could create Simplifi+ as upgrade to Simplifi which would be similar to high level financial software like eMoney. I too would like Simplifi to completely replace Empower. In order for that to happen the software needs to include allocation, risk and recommended allocation models. In addition, portfolio market returns vs individual returns could be shown as well. For example, an 80/20 portfolio of stocks/bonds in 2023 (generic) vs your own portfolio of stocks/bonds. This way you can see how your investments performed vs a similar benchmark. Fidelity also provides "alpha" for a portfolio vs a similar benchmark.