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Greetings Simplify,

I think it would be a great idea to have some graphs added to the investments tab where you can graph out where my allocations are, US Stock Market/International Stocks/Bonds/Cash, etc. And the graph needs to be interactive meaning once it is graphed out, I can click on each section (color-coded) and it drills down, like Large CAP/Mid CAP/Small CAP, and by clicking on each one of them, it gives me what I am investing in by way of ETFs/Stock names, how much in each and the value as of today, etc.

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  • Mamote
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    Great idea above . That would be ideal
    Or at least display the percentage relative to the total account value when inside each account. and when viewing all investment display the % relative to the entire portfolio

  • mverbree
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    Just to add to the ideas above, I was just looking for a way of finding the percentage of each type of account against the overall portfolio, like a pie graph.  I usually have to do this with a spreadsheet, but a simple pie graph showing 401K, IRA, Roth IRA, Crypto, Taxable, etc.  That way I know where to continually put my money when going for a fully diversified portfolio.
  • Poptarts
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    A near feature to enhance the investments function would be portfolio allocations with the ability to select individual or multiple funds. It would be a benefit to see a high-level view of all linked investments to determine general percentage of funds in domestic stocks, bonds, large cap funds, etc. Overall, I like the basic investment features in the app and would love to see more detail such as this capability to provide a quick view of diversification. 
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    Here's another example showing current vs. target percentages, from a competitor:

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