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We are very happy to announce that Zillow integration has made its way to Early Access! Zillow is available in Early Access on both the Web and Mobile Apps as of the 4.12.0 and 5.6.0 releases. Zillow works similarly to online banking aggregation. Keep reading to learn all about using Zillow in Quicken Simplifi!

If you don't already have a real estate account in Quicken Simplifi, you can easily create one by going through the Zillow flow! This can be accessed by adding a new account, clicking "Track assets", and then selecting "Real Estate". Next, you'll enter the address and confirm the details. Once done, you will have a new real estate account in Quicken Simplifi with the current Zillow value!

You can also easily link Zillow to an existing real estate account! To do so, just click on the account, and then click the "Link to Zillow" option. Go through the flow to add your address, and then be sure the 'Link to' field has the existing account selected.

The primary difference between Zillow aggregation and online banking aggregation is Zillow will not happen automatically. Instead, when you're ready to check for property value updates, you can navigate to the account (or one of the accounts if you have multiple, as they will all update at once) to manually update the value.

When it comes to managing the account, however, you can do so like any other account by navigating to Settings > Accounts. You can edit the account name from here, disconnect from Zillow by making the account manual, etc. You will see the account(s) listed under "Zillow"!

We'd love to hear from you all on this new and exciting feature! Let us know what you think in our feedback post here:

Here are our help articles on using Zillow:

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