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I'd like the ability to have rules to automatically include/exclude items from the spending plan. For example, I don't want interest or dividends to count towards my spending plan - those should automatically go towards savings/investments. We can create rules to categorize similar-looking transactions, but not to say that particular categories should always be excluded. This would be really helpful!

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  • cb77
    cb77 Member
    Love the Rules feature but I would LOVE one that, when a transaction has a certain payee or certain keyword or something, auto-marks that transaction to be ignored from spending plan and reports. My family uses my personal card for Doordash purchases because it comes with a DashPass feature, but I want to have those transactions ignored. Currently I have to do it manually.
  • jandv
    jandv Member

    I would love this to automatically exclude 401K match from my spending plan! Right now it shows up as income but I don't consider any contributions to retirement accounts as disposable income.

  • Donny633

    Concur. This is a similar request to being able to "bulk" exclude transactions. Why does Simplifi include every single brokerage sale and purchase in my spending plan?! None of these are part of my monthly spending. Fidelity manages these purchases and sales for me with a preset budget that IS a part of my spending plan already! There are literally hundreds of these that I have to manually exclude from my spending plan every month!

  • cdorsi
    cdorsi Member ✭✭

    The new feature to exclude all investment account transactions doesn't get it quite right. I have some cash management in my investment accounts that earns bank interest that I want to count as income (but not in spending plan) and I have some stocks that pay dividends, which I would also like to include as income. The on bank accounts, I have my HSA (Health Savings Account) listed as a savings account, even though it's a mix of a cash account and an investment account, but I want transactions to purchase or sell a mutual fund to be automatically excluded since they're really just moving money around within the account (but generally only 1 side of the transaction shows up so it looks like an expense or income).

  • Bloms

    Being able to automatically link certain categories to certain tags would be useful. As an example, I always tag Healthcare categories to the Tax Related tag. There are many more examples where this would be useful.

  • jkmladucky

    Please make it so we can bulk hide transactions!

  • elyk808
    elyk808 Unconfirmed, Member

    Yes, please add in some functionality where a category or tag can be automatically excluded from spending plans or reports.

  • lucasandhelena

    +1 for these ideas, we need a bulk way to hide transactions from spending plans!

  • taque

    Yes, please! In Mint I used to use a tag that was tied to exclusion for a credit card whose usage I split between business and personal use. I need a way to easily exclude the majority of transactions from showing up in my personal accounting. I've also been looking for ways to exclude entire accounts, similar to what has been mentioned above.

  • Overtime

    Hi! I came over from Mint and saw you already have a "reimbursable" tag. Great! In mint, it automatically excludes that from equivalent of spending plan, and I expected and hoped for that behavior. While setting up rules for which things get excluded is okay, I would rather not have that feature and just have some magic on "reimbursable" to exclude. Or maybe tags are editable objects with an option to exclude, and reimbursable just comes with that turned on.

    In any event, excluding is critical to make budgets work, and I did NOT discover the transaction exclude option without searching for help topics on it. Thanks and hope this helps,

  • remslice
    remslice Member

    As a previous Mint user and testing several alternatives I did end up choosing Simplifi. But one feature that is far behind Monarch is Simplifi's rule creation engine. It would be great to be able to create multi-condition rules based on category, tag, payee, etc. For example, set up a rule to re-categorize a particular Payee and then automatically exclude that Payee +Category combination from spending plan and reporting.

  • greg7gkb

    Coming from Mint as well. This feature was super helpful in removing one-time or large ticket items from my week-to-week spending.

    Specifically, I'd love to create a 'Hidden' category and automatically have those transactions excluded from Reports and Spending Plans.

  • Curucaman

    Yes please add this.. coming from Mint and need the ability to exclude a group of marked transactions from reporting.

  • jdm
    jdm Member

    Yes, please add this. I have a category I want to track but it's an expense that will only last a couple of months and it's distorting my overall spending plan

  • PowerSaver

    would like to be able to exclude transactions with a specific tag from the spending plan

  • Kevin C

    +1 how about allowing a category to be excluded from reports?

  • jamesfdavis7

    I also vote to add this capability. Thanks!

  • BudgeterPrimo

    Exclude transactions by category or payee name please!

  • Dips
    Dips Member

    +1 exclude transactions from spending and reports by tag, category and payee, please