Why is Net Worth ignoring new debt transaction?

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My net worth is $10,000 as of June 10. I realize that I was missing a debt account which I add and I put in a transaction in this account for $2000 of debt back in December of the previous year. Instead of this $2000 debt being recognized from December until now it is not recognized until the day that I created the account. The net worth should be impacted from the date of the transaction to the current date. I have seen some really flaky stuff like this happening over and over again sometimes my net worth bounces up and sometimes it bounces down and I can't tell what the heck is going on. Is anyone else having this kind of problem?

In other words the net worth should be $8000 every single month after December and instead it is $10,000 January until June and then drops to $8000.


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    Thank you @DannyB and @Coach Jon! I appreciate the workaround and the link to the other conversation thread. I upvoted the idea post and will try the import method. Thanks very much for the information!

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