American Express FDP-102 error

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AMEX High Yield Savings accounts not connecting (edited).



  • Boydston
    Boydston Member ✭✭

    Is the same issue as trying to update my American Express high yield savings account? I get the exclamation icon in Simplifi, click it, enter my credentials, get the MFA, choose text, get the text, enter the code and then get error FDP-102. Thanks.

  • Coach Jon
    Coach Jon Moderator admin

    Hello @Boydston,

    Thansk for reaching out! American Express limits connectivity to avoid excessive server traffic. A 102 error may occur during high-traffic times. American Express typically also blocks our connection on Mondays. It's recommended that you try updating at a later time. I can see on our side that the last time you updated was yesterday for American Express. I would try again to see if its working for you now!

    -Coach Jon