Adding a new Synchrony credit card when multiple cards already connect


Synchrony bank combines multiple credit cards into a single login. Simplifi will add all of the existing cards when adding the account the first time.

JC Penny and Lowes were added together in Simplifi when first adding the JC Penny account.

However, when a new Synchrony card is added to the mix the original synchrony login will automatically show the new card with the other cards. JC Penny, Lowes, and Belk (new).

This causes an issue with Simplifi in that the new card (Belk) cannot be added until the following steps are completed.

Simplifi will not recognize the new card with the original login. Therefore, a new login is required at Synchrony for the new card (Belk) using that link for that specific card (Belk). Create the new login for the card (Belk). After waiting 24 hours, verify the login using the Belk login and all three cards will display: JC Penny, Lowes, and Belk. Add the new Belk card account to simplifi using the Belk login. Just make sure to uncheck re-adding the JC Penny and Lowes account.