Kohl's credit card can't be added,


I'm thinking the issue may with the website address. Quicken shows website at www.Kohls.com when trying to add Kohls credit card (which doesn't work since it takes you to their retail site which is different from the site used to access your credit card.

When I (successfully) log in manually, the landing page for the credentials is"https://credit.kohls.com/ecs/auth/?cid=AAAA4151001&logout=true



  • eric_p_evans

    Hit send too soon, wondering if Quicken simply changes the website to the correct address if everything will work?

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  • eric_p_evans

    It's been over a year for the Kohl's issue, why did I even move to Quicken? I maintain that if they had the correct webpage (i.e. the login page where you enter your credentials) vs the link to their retail site (www.kohls.com) that might mitigate the problem. Two completely different websites per Kohls own sign-in page.

    Why not simply change the credit card address to the correct https://credit.kohls.com/ecs/auth/?cid=AAAA4151001&logout=true

  • Coach Natalie
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    @eric_p_evans, thanks for the feedback!

    To clarify, the issue with Kohl's Credit Card has already been escalated from our end, but our service provider has been unable to resolve it with the bank. As mentioned in the Alert, you'll want to contact the bank directly to help make them aware of the issue and push things along from that end.

    Sorry for not having a better answer, but I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie