Can Net Worth Report use imported transactions?

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I have recently converted to Simplifi from Mint and was able to import my transaction history for all my accounts which is great.

I am able to look at the Net Income report and see that it can use my imported transactions to generate that report as far back as I want. When I look at the Net Worth report, every month prior to the month I joined Simplifi has a Net Worth of $0.

Is there a way to have the Net Worth report use imported transactions to generate a historical graph, similar to Net Income?


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  • Minter
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    I’m in the same boat having just imported in from Mint. It’s kind of a deal breaker not having this feature.

  • ngfroerer
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    Indeed, it feels like a dealbreaker — except I am now already locked into having paid for a 12-month subscription before finding out this limitation.

  • dg1
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    In systems like this, including Mint, Net Worth isn't a "calculated" number. It's simply a snapshot the system takes of the current amounts in assets and liabilities at a point in time, usually once per month. You can see this in Mint if you export the data from the Net Worth Over Time report. You'll get a CSV file with columns for Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth with values for each month. These values are the snapshots that Mint collected over time. This is the only "Net Worth" data Mint has.

    You can keep that exported spreadsheet and add to it over time, grabbing the snapshot values that Simplifi collects each month, and you would essentially have the Net Worth history you are looking for. True, it will be in a spreadsheet instead of inside the Simplifi system, but since this data isn't interdependent on any other data inside of Simplifi, this really isn't a huge issue, IMO.

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