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Is there any plans for a public API? This way I can either submit transactions to update my net worth such as vehicles or properties?

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  • Coach Tappan
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    @jlkweb12 At the moment, we have no plans to release a public API for Simplifi, although your post in this discussion group will give other users a chance to vote on making one available. We appreciate your comments!

  • I would really appreciate an API to show widgets on my desktop using rainmeter or something similar. 
  • iberamen
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    This would be amazing so developers like myself can add some awesome customization.
  • FinTechMan
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    + 1 for me. I want to build an integration  to pull in detailed transactions data from Walmart and Amazon so I can split and categorize those transactions. Also want to free my data to be used in something like Tableau or qlikview for sexy custom reporting. 
  • azafred
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    +1 for me as well... This is what is keeping me from ditching Tiller in favor of Simplifi. I find it a biti ridiculous that in 2022 there is still no public API from a service such as this, especially when folks have been asking Quicken for one for pretty much every product line. Simplifi does some nifty math, but having the ability to add my own would be pretty awesome.
  • nmickley
  • pst
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    This would be rad. Balances as minimum viable product. Let's go!
  • Mike Zamora
    Fully support this, could be really useful for automating transaction imports
  • suicaf
    This would make a huge difference in usability for this software. I think this should be a high priority issue in this modern age.
  • mhofford

    Yes, even just balances would be useful.

  • evbot
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    +1 please!

  • FinTechMan
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    +1 Please, I want to connect this to my Qliksense report dashboard without having to export data all the time.

  • gsherman

    Please, yes! I would love to use an API to automatically create recurring/weekly cash transactions.

  • frankrizzo
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    I would love an API for personal use. read/only at first would be awesome.

  • Nicolas Jimenez

    Any update about this one?

  • RobWilk
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    No updates. It's still being voted on, i believe it has not been submitted for review of possible future support yet.

    Rob Wilkens

  • algoguy
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    This would make the budgeting app with the better interface even better.

    My use case is that I would like to auto-upload (using a zapier/pipedream automation) pdf receipts that hit my email to the corresponding transaction. That way if I have a purchase from amazon, the receipt is right there and it would make splitting transactions super convenient!

  • evbot

    yes please!!

  • dmdubs

    Also voting for this, using amazon for a large amount of purchases becomes difficult to categorize. Also, I'd love to be able to scrape my data with prometheus so I can build better visualizations. Simplifi's graphs/projections are extremely basic and lacking.

  • dgalt
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    Would also love to see this. I do a regular set of manual extracts to backup my data and to be able to do more reporting than I can through the app. It would be great to be able to be able to do that process via an API

  • evbot

    I might have to go self-hosted after my subscription run out. Happy to pay for a good app, but this topic is dead to them. No responses or acknowledgement is a bummer.

  • asdfafwert

    I'm migrating from Mint and currently use the unofficial Mint API ( ) to automate pulling balances and transactions for a script. This feature is important to some current Mint users and I'm considering using Monarch instead because a similar API exists.

  • asheroto
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    That idea is exactly why I came to this page. 😊

  • Nathan815

    +1. It's almost 2024, let's get a public API Simplifi! I'm sure you'll be impressed with what the community comes up with.

    Some things I want to do is automate importing transactions and balances from unsupported providers (like Apple Card), and automate vehicle and home value updates.

  • TomHoff
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    +1. Similar to other comments above, I've been a long-time user and I used mrooney's Mint API. I run an automated daily python script to pull each account balance from Mint and put it in a local Database. Since Mint is going away, I need to find a replacement. Simplify checks most boxes, but it would be great if an API were available to enable:

    1. Automatic download all account balances without human interaction
    2. Automatic update to certain accounts that Simplify doesn't automatically update (e.g. Home and Vehicle asset values)
    3. Automatic transaction note update for certain transactions (e.g. Amazon orders, or Apple App Store App subscription renewals, etc…)
    4. Automatic split of paycheck transactions into separate parts (GrossPay, -FedTax, -FICA, -Medicare, -StateTax, -401k, -HealthInsurance, etc…)

  • idkmanm
    idkmanm Member

    +1 would be useful

  • CrunchyRoll852

    I have upvoted this as well. I come from YNAB that supports a public API and I have developed a lot of utilities to help support my use of the software.

    For example, right now I am looking for a better way (than the currently CSV) to import transactions from my account that can't be linked to the financial institution. My second thought was - I can solve this myself with an API and endpoints that would support creating new transactions and editing existing transactions.

    As an aside, my first thought was to upvote anyone who is requesting OFX/QFX import capability - another feature that's supper easy with YNAB.

  • MitcheeP
    MitcheeP Member

    +1 — need this.

  • robert1

    Would be awesome to have a way to split amazon and other vendor payments automatically!