Ability to Exclude Accounts From Watchlists (edited)

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How can I Exclude certain accounts from a Watchlist?
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  • Coach Nicole
    Coach Nicole Administrator, Moderator admin

    Hi there -- This is a great question! Currently, there isn't a way to exclude specific accounts from a watchlist. However, I think that would be a great function to have added. I'm going to turn this post into an Idea thread, that way other users can vote to increase demand for this functionality.

  • TGP
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    Thanks, it is very important for me and I am sure for many others to be able to do so, where is the link so I can vote for it as well?
  • Coach Tappan
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    @TGP As you'll notice, there's now a "Vote" option at the start of your topic, so others can lend their support as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • TGP
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    Any updates on this feature request?
  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    edited June 11
    Hello @TGP,

    Thanks for the inquiry!

    This one hasn't made its way to the road map as of yet, as far as I'm aware. Please be sure to stay tuned for future updates, though! :smiley:

    -Coach Natalie
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