Ability to Exclude Categories and Tags from Reports and Spending Plan [edited] (2 Merged Votes)



  • I have a joint credit card and this would work as a solution for me as well - this OR having the ability to split and then hide transactions.

  • Excluding specific tags in spending/reports is urgently needed in this product. Please implement asap :)

    At minimum, "Reports→Filters→Tag" should allow to exclude a tag. the user can only view specific tags but cannot view transactions without a tag.

  • DavidB
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    +1 for me too. I'd love this. I have a "passthru expense" account for when I spend money that I'm going to be reimbursed for. I also have a matching "passthru income" too

  • hoagiesandwich
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    +1. Allowing an exclude functionality in the filtering would help a lot.

  • +1. Like a lot of other people, I have a lot of reimbursable expenses. Not being able to exclude these easily hugely distorts my spending and income. A key point for me as I decide where to go next after Mint.

  • Certain categories I need to mark as exempt from spending/reports as a whole. This would be nice to set at the Category level

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  • Max1223
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    +1 Coming from Mint, this was a helpful feature to exclude transactions.

  • Hiding individual transactions definitely helps, but doesn't fit for me because of this: you can't hide specific split parts of a transaction. For example, sometimes I buy things at Bookstore Inc. - $30 might be books for me (which I want to track) but $20 might be a book for the kid who is going to pay me back later. The latter goes into a category called "Kids Loans" which is a category that I never want included on reports, spending plans, etc. But if I hide the entire transaction, I also lose the $30 part of it.

    So ability to hide entire categories is very important (or the ability to save common filters which is in another suggestion thread).

  • oop
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    Be able to to exclude a custom category (I.e. work expenses) from reports and trends, similar to transfers

  • flacosagua
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    Also, add option to have more than 9 chart breakdowns so that we can see detail without having to dig into "Everything else"

  • Coach Natalie
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  • squillful
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    This would be an awesome addition for a bunch of reasons, and would also provide a workaround for this request:

  • Meggers
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    Coming from Mint over here as well, would love to exclude a category that I don't want to see. This is especially helpful for trading transactions that make budgets look bloated.

  • I'm coming over from Mint, and I totally vote for this feature. Since that's how it worked in Mint, would be great to have this carry-over to Simplifi so I can keep my existing tags and workflow. Thanks!