Ability to create 'Transfers' To/From IRA and Investment Accounts [edited] (3 Merged Votes)

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Whom ever developed this budget program should have allowed people to customize items or override some of the strange rules.  Maybe install a warning "pop-up" but have the flexible in a budget.   
  • Example #1;  I have an IRA which is listed under Retirements that is under Investments in the Accounts section of Transactions or Dashboard.  If decide to transfer a small amount from my IRA to Checking or Savings...I CANNOT TRANSFER!   Why is this being restricted?  I don't think Simplifi is regulated by the National Bank Act or Federal Reserve.
  • Example #2;  I sell some stocks and want to move a portion or all the funds to our Checking or Savings?  I CANNOT TRANSFER!  People in the real world do these type of transactions & transfers thousands of times a day.  Why did Simplifi decided to design the program that restricts you? 
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The ability to perform Transfers to and from Investment Accounts is now available in Simplifi with Early Access, and will soon be available for all users!


  • Zackary
    I would like to label transactions from debit accounts to brokerage accounts/IRAs as transfers to link transactions together and avoid confusion.
  • Blgeiger
    Blgeiger Member
    Any update on when transfers to/from investment accounts will be coming?  It is a feature that is badly needed.  Not having it really limits the usefulness and value of Simplifi.
  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Thanks for the feedback @Blgeiger,

    Sadly, there is still no ETA to provide on this request, however, this ability will become available in the future so I'd definitely suggest continuing to follow along here for updates. :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
  • NEatonJr
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    Similar to the archived post...
    Recurring Transactions to Investment Account
    ...I need to:
    1. Be able to select an investment account (brokerage) as source of a transfer. 
    2. Be able to set the transfer up as recurring. 
    3. Identify the transfer in Spending Plan as "Income". 

    Our retirement financial plan involves collecting a small pension, taking a monthly draw from our brokerage account (which they automatically transfer to our checking each month, periodically re-balancing the brokerage account between equity, fixed income and cash to ensure there is sufficient cash to cover the monthly draws). Eventually, the monthly draws will drop some as we start collecting Social Security. 

    This is a common strategy so I would think almost anyone who is retired and trying to use Simplifi to manage a budget (spending plan) would need this capability. Even ignoring the ability to reflect such transactions in the spending plan in Simplifi, we need to be able to transfer in/out of brokerage account to be able to account for where the funds we are spending each month came from.

    Someone replied in link above that new investment features were coming soon but that was two years ago. Fulfilling this request is long overdue. 

    Nathan Eaton 
  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Hello All,

    We are happy to announce that with the addition of Investment Transactions, you can now perform Transfers to and from your Investment Accounts! Although these abilities are currently in Early Access, they will become available for all users in the near future. Please see our Announcement here for more details and links to the related Support Articles.

    -Coach Natalie
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