Ability to Customize the Web App Dashboard [edited] (1 Merged Vote)

mazar1977 Member ✭✭✭✭
edited December 2021 in Feature Requests

It would be great if we could customize the dashboard to see what is most important to us and not have it cluttered with widgets we don't use or aren't as important to us.

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  • Coach Paco
    Coach Paco Moderator admin

    @mazar1977 I think that would be an amazing addition to Simplifi!

  • Kristina S.
    Kristina S. Member ✭✭
    I personally don't use "savings goals" or the newly released "achievements" feature. I'd like to have the ability to hide these cards from the homepage because I find them distracting - creates extra clutter.
  • mikes
    mikes Member
    I just starting using Simplifi as a spending tracking tool.   It has a great UI and it easy to customize and use.  One are that needs attention is the Dashboard, too many panels and for it is cluttered.  I would like to be able to hide the majority of the panels not related to spending - plan, watchlists, goals achievement and investments.  Thanks form listening, Mike S 
  • thsourg
    thsourg Member
    One of the primary use cases for me for a budgeting/tracking app is the ability to go through and verify my transactions in real time. It feels like Simplifi is trying to push them under the carpet in order to generate reports. 

    I would really like if there was an option to configure the dashboard so that it shows only the non reviewed transactions by default, so I can use that as my “todo” list. 
  • I briefly checked out a competitor (using a free trial) and this is a key feature I feel Simplifi is missing. The ability to pick and choose widgets made the dashboard on the other site stand out. It was very fresh and clean.

    I love Simplifi but I wish there was greater ability to customize and remove unnecessary items - just simplify things.