Mobile App: Touch and Hold to Rearrange Expenses in Planned Spending

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I would like to be able to touch and hold to rearrange expenses in planned spending. The order of expenses is also reflected in the spending plan section on the app dashboard. I would like to prioritize which expenses I see first.
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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello All, 

    This Idea seems to have fallen stagnant, and due to the age of the request and lack of user votes/comments, will be archived within the next 10 business days.

    If you would like to see this Idea kept alive and considered for possible future implementation in Simplifi, please be sure to add your vote and a comment explaining how this request would be beneficial for you. More details on voting for Idea posts can be found in our FAQ here

    We also have a similar request here, so this request would more be for the ability to rearrange Planned Spending expenses via a touch and hold on the Mobile App specifically:

    Thank you,

    Simplifi Community Support Team

  • pawebb
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    I think the two ideas are identical. The only difference is that the other request included the watch list. Either way, they both are asking to be able to order the list. I'll vote for both!