Remember the expanded/collapsed state for the Projected Cash Flow/Upcoming section (edited)

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I want Simplifi to remember the expanded/collapsed state of the Projected Cash Flow section so I don't need to collapse it every time.

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  • khad
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    Upvoted! I'd love to see state preserved everywhere in the UI. If I collapse or expand something, it should stay where I put it until I change it again. I filed a slightly broader request for that:
  • DannyB
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    Added my vote for this feature to be added! And I agree with @khad that this should be universal throughout Simplifi including what accounts are chosen to show in predictive cashflow chart.
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  • bob223
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    Another upvote 18 months after the first request.

    This setting would save a lot of clicks. Every time the user leaves the transaction area then returns the projected cash flow section must be collapsed. For users who move a lot from section to section, having to hide it every time is annoying and interrupts the workflow.

  • RobWilk
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    12 votes in 18 months is not a lot from what i've seen here. Still, I've seen lower vote getting requests get implemented, and I'd say this is a relatively easy one (it simply involves saving and restoring state), so my guess is it could happen. I haven't cast a vote for or against it yet, I just haven't had the need for this idea/feature yet - it might be useful, though.

    Rob Wilkens

  • Dan-in-Virginia
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    On the transactions page, the top quarter of the screen is covered with "upcoming" transaction events. Upcoming items can be manually removed from view, but the setting is not persistent.

    My request is to add an option to disable "Upcoming" items from transactions so all I see when entering Transactions are transactions.

    There is a gear on the transactions screen that allows enabling or disabling of columns for transactions. This option could go here. This option could also be added under Simplifi settings.

    Thank you

  • Mercs
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    I do not use the "Bills and Payments" function at all, and same goes for "Projected Cash Flow". They take up a huge portion of the screen and I am forced to scroll by them every time. It would be great if I could turn these off entirely site/app wide but at a minimum, remembering the closed state would be helpful.

  • Alan G
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    edited April 30

    Agree with others. Please minimize Projected Cash Flow and Bills & Payments within the account or move to its own section. I would think there's tons of data showing how many people click to minimize them. It's very disruptive to an otherwise excellent user experience.