Automatically treat transfers to and from PayPal as "Transfers" in Simplifi

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    Another option would be to have all the details and treat the transaction on the CC as a TRansfer to Paypal, which is ignored from reports.

    The Purchase shows as a Paypal Debit transaction, and there is a Transfer created from the CC that was used (Debit) to Paypal (As a credit)

    For example:
    Paypal Register:
    1. Purchase: -$150 at So-and-So Store,
    2. Transfer from Credit Card ending in xxxx, +$150
    This leaves a $0 balance
    Credit Card Register:
    1. Transfer TO Paypal account, $-150
    This leaves a -$150 balance

    So in essence the balance shows on the CC and the spending data on the Paypal Account, as it should.

    De-duping would be bad as the credit card would not reflect all the transactions and keeping track of where one owes balances would suck.

    I believe Paypal's data stream can already provide the batching credit transfer from the chosen payment method... keeping track of them as a transfer automatically would be the magic sauce that would make simplify and Paypal spending work so nice together!
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    My suggestion was not a separate feature, but rather the correct way to do this, as it preserves which bank account or credit card was used as well.
    Deduping would make me lose the source Payment method, and screw up my balances and reconciliation as well

    Deleting a transaction is the easy way out now but really bad for analysis later.