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Wrong ticker symbol is being applied to a non publicly traded holding, but can't remove or edit it. Allow removal/override of errant data.
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  • Lytol
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    I'm surprised this hasn't received more upvotes. I have a few accounts where the holdings are not being appropriately assigned symbols. For example:

    • My HSA shows as all-cash even though it's a mixture of ETFs (all recognized by Simplifi if I manually manage the account)
    • My 401k does not reflect the correct ticker for a holding (again, a recognized symbol by Simplifi if I manually manage the account and holdings)

    Either the data is being incorrectly sent/parsed from the financial institution, or there's just not enough flexibility to handle all the various ways the investment data is communicated. IMO, if the underlying issues cannot be fixed, it would be nice to be able to edit the ticker/symbol for an investment holding that is not in a manual account.

  • Mojo D. Monkey
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    I know I am late to the party, but this would be a really nice fix.

    Currently the only suggestion from simplifi help is to make the account manual, which obviously then disconnects the account from the financial institution and I don't want to do that.

    Having the ability to properly set the correct symbol of a holding (especially ones that don't have any symbols imported by simplifi) could be very helpful.

    I have about 3 of these accounts that simply don't have a symbol associated with them and therefore you really can't see any of the useful information under Investments in Simplifi for these 3 accounts.

  • pjhorst
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    Another example are institutions like John Hancock, where they (apparently) use their own symbol schema and Simplifi interprets it as a different investment entirely, that then gets valued incorrectly. PEI, MID, LGI are three that get turned into something completely different. If these could be manually updated and then no longer track false values under holdings, that would be very nice.

  • Mojo D. Monkey
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    too many retirement accounts simply can't be interpreted to find the correct ticker by simplifi. Anything on the empower platform is potentially in this camp. Even though the ticker isn't listed on a page inside the account, usually the prospectus documents list the ticker. And this would provide a very simple solution.