Ability to use multiple accounts for "Saved so far" in Savings Goal setup [edited] (1 Merged Vote)

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Right now when setting up a goal you are only able to "link" one account to the goal. If you have fund held in multiple accounts for a given goal you then have to "contribute" to the goal manually, which messes up the spend plan by showing that second contribution as an expense. 
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  • stepho24
    My SO and I have separate bank accounts. We created a savings goal, entered in the amount we have combined in the "Saved so Far" box, but it only allows one account to be chosen.
    It would be nice to have multiple accounts chosen and state how much is saved so far from each account.

    I tried to add to it as a "contribution" but then that throws off the spending plan as well as the contributions for the month. We ended up making two separate savings goals which works okay, but not ideal.
  • J_M_F
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    +1 on this and maybe re-upping. Would love to be able to select multiple accounts to associate with the Saved so Far box.

  • LakGoy
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    I wanted to be able to select multiple accounts that contribute to the same Savings Goal.

    Currently we can only select one account which contains the "Saved so far" amount. It would be nice to be able to select multiple accounts as checkboxes, instead of radio buttons.

    Additionally, I read that currently only Banking accounts can be selected to contribute towards a savings goal. But it would be useful to be able to also add investment accounts.

    An example use-case: I'm saving for a my future kid's college fund. I don't want to keep the cash in a checking/savings account and I'd rather invest some of it. So it would be useful to track that in the savings goal. This would therefore include the fluctuations that occur due to market down/upsides, and show me how far/close I am to my goal, regardless of what account my savings are in.

  • khad
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    Upvoted. How is anyone tracking retirement goals without being able to select multiple (and investment) accounts? Multiple brokerage, IRA, and 401k accounts all contribute to my retirement savings goals.

  • Coach Natalie
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  • dkelleybrew

    It would be great if you could select multiple accounts to count towards a single savings goal.

  • aolafsson
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    I'm unable to use the Simplifi Goals feature because for every goal I have, I have two accounts. One standard savings account and one CD account. I'd love the ability to associate more than one account to a Goal in the Simplifi platform.

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  • maxtheinvest
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    Simplifi always says this matter was already posted and addressed but there have been no updates or feedback but they keep telling us to Vote.

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    Your right that Simplifi "always says this matter was already posted and addressed" - frequently it is. Having multiple similar Idea Posts just makes for less chance of getting your idea actually implemented. Is it better to have two Idea Posts each with 10 votes or one with 20? Having multiple Idea Posts clutters up the community and make it hard to navigate. As for the "no updates and feedback", I gotta disagree. Simplifi is good about being active in this community and @Coach Natalie frequently updates random posts. Scanning the official "Apple Card" request post will give you a good idea of how often they try to keep people updated.

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