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  • Scott L
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    [removed] The ability to change the dates for the spending plan is key to me and others that are paid twice a month, not monthly. I budget by paycheck and to balance the paychecks out might pay a bill early. Example: I am paid on 10th and 25th. Power Bill is due the 18th. I instead pay it on the 10th.

  • nicko
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    Add notes to the spending plan. Often with two people it is easy to forget how the money is being allocated.

  • kents
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    I agree - best thing about spreadsheets, but can also be implemented in an app (maybe only web based).

  • Ginny M.
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    I don't really use rollover, but I need to be able to customize my budget in two-week increments, since I budget paycheck to paycheck for my flexible spending categories (groceries, gas, etc) I'd like to see what is left over as well. I have used the Numbers Budget in ICloud and like it, however it's all manual which makes it hard for couples to update instantly.

  • Ginny M.
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    YES! Everyone budgets differently and the ability to customize is so important!

  • DannyB
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    Hi @tylertyler I was doing some catch-up reading of comments in this thread and saw your comment about rollovers.

    The "best practice" at this time is to use Savings Goals (SGs) for the types of expenses you mention. I'm not sure you can call using SGs for "rollover" type expenses efficient, but it's probably the best option for now. There are a number of posts relating to how Simplifi users are using SGs but basically you can create a SG for each of the expenses you describe above.

    For example, you can create a savings goal for Home Improvement Projects. The goal amount would be the total of what you would set aside for the year, i.e. $150*12 = $1800. Your monthly contribution will, of course, be $150 and you will check off to set aside in the spending plan. Then each month you will contribute $150 to this SG. Then each time you spend money on a home improvement project you will select to ignore the expense from you spending plan and reports. You can track the total amount spent on home improvements using tags and can even set up a watchlist to keep taps over the year on how much you spend month-to-month and ytd.

    A couple of things to consider: 1) where to put the SG designated funds in your real world accounts; 2) How to handle the movement of funds in your real world accounts.

    I suggest reading the support article on Savings Goals if you haven't already done so. Hope that gives you some ideas.

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  • I would like the option to rollover or not rollover each category. And for those that I do want rolled over, I would like it to default to an annual amount, when that is reached then I should be flagged as going over budget

  • Wooloomooloo2
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    Danny - thanks for posting this again, I also saw this above and tried it. It DOES work, but it feels like such as hack, especially the part where you go to all the trouble to plan to spend this money, then have to tell the tool to essentially ignore the spending from the sending plan. What would be far more intuitive is if at the point you release the funds to spend them on what you planned, it increases your "planned spending" by that amount, which is literally what it's doing anyway. It would be a bit of a hybrid of envelop budgeting and net zero budgeting.

  • Just joined and very disappointed to see the lack of this feature. It's been requested for multiple years on this site and yet the only action appears to be asking (over a year ago) how this feature would be used.

  • Palavis
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    I second this. I moved from Mint to Simplifi mainly because of the budgeting and ease of use. Rollover in a specific category really helps when we can assign a fixed amount for a category per year/month and unused ones roll to the next month. It was especially helpful for a budget set out for "eating out" each month. Helps us to stay within the limits. That's the whole reason for the budgeting :) Please add this important feature to the spending plan.

  • Jas
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    Hi - I'm new to Simplifi. I'm coming from Mint because they're shutting down sadly. Rolloving over my over/under spending is an absolute must. Mint does it within their budgets. If I'm over a buget by $100, for example, it automatically subtracts $100 from the next month. I can override it, but usually don't because I don't want to run out of cash flow in my checking account, if that makes sense. Then if I overspend, it adds that amount to the next month's budget. Please add this feature. Currently I have to add my overspending to the "available" section manually. I will miss this feature from Mint. Simplifi does several things better than Mint, except in this area.

  • btsmith52
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    I'm coming from Moneydance and was attracted to Simplifi because transaction downloads are easier and it's web based. The spending plan is good. However the real shortcoming is around using savings goals inside of spending plans. Money you put into the goal counts against your spending. However, money you take out (above what you saved that month) can't be counted as income or an addition to your spending plan. Makes it really hard for me to use. Transactions to and from savings goals can't be seen, so it's hard to tell what you did a few days ago or to find a mistake.

  • RobWilk
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  • I agree with @dunno
    +1 for roll-over and the ability to set aside monthly chunks of money to prepare for non-monthly expenses.

    I also agree with @kw1997
    +1 for a condensed view of the spending plan

  • Nu2Money
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    What I've been toying with is I create a goal for X amount monthly and then also create a transfer automation for the same value monthly. In my bank I also automated the same amount t for transfer from checking to savings.

  • I would use this feature for sure as I had it with MINT. Many of accounts have a monthly have monthly amounts that accumulate to a spend that cannot be predicted like an expensive home repair. I want to have an option to have that amount accumulated. This would also help parallel future cash flow features

  • rjona
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    It would be good if Reports included a projected Spending Plan up to a year out to give you a projection where you would be if you follow your plan.

  • Another Mint refugee here -

    1. +1 for having rollover abilities in the Spending Plan. Similar to many above, I have seasonal expenses that don't occur ratably each month that are critical for budgeting (to spread the expense across the year) such as quarterly utilities, annual subscription fees, etc.
    2. Rollover allows me to better track those costs over the year (vs. only looking on the month level). It also allows me to not blow my budget each month on paper (even though those costs were taken into account for cash flow purposes).
    3. I agree with above users with having future Spending Plan views.

    While I've seen the Goals hack above, it feels silly that we would need to utilize this option when an old system like Mint could handle it just fine. Even though I signed up for the year with Simplifi, I'm seriously considering jumping ship to Monarch for this functionality.

  • Please add the ability to name separately name each split of a transaction and separately apply them against Income, Bills, and Subscriptions.

  • blueman
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    Is there any update that can be shared with the community on this? Mint shutting down is big news (just take a look at the subreddit) and I think this rollover feature request would be a huge win and could practically guarantee more and more former Mint users to migrate over to Simplifi.

  • blueman
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    I see there was an update about this feature on November 10. I'm glad to see it's now a planned feature.

  • I used the Rollover Feature in Mint Budget for years….it allowed me to see my progress as I "underspend" in certain categories. I know if I don't use all my Clothing money for a few months, it adds up for a nice day out shopping in future months. The same with Food, Entertainment, etc. I chose Simplifi since it was part of Quicken, never imaging that this feature would not be available. So far, love everything else about Simplifi…but not having the option to rollover balance of spending accounts to the next months will be a deal breaker for me. Was so happy to see that, as of Nov 10, there is hope that this feature will be coming as we reevaluate and set up our budgets for 2024 :)

  • i_miss_mint
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    Hi [removed], I made a post comparing the "Spending Plan" feature in Simplifi vs. "Budgets" feature in Mint. I find the Spending Plan in Simiplifi very counterintuitive and so do many Mint users who are going to migrate to Simiplifi. For me as a former Mint user who heavily uses the Budgets feature in Mint for budgeting and planning, this is a deal breaker for me because I can't really budget with the way Spending Plan is currently designed in Simplifi. I hope that Simplifi implements the "Budgets" feature similar to Mint. Thank you.

  • The other feature I would truly like is to have the ability to set up from pay period to pay period rather than calendar month to calendar month. Perhaps users should be given the option.