"Savings Goals" default account Mobile vs. Web (edited)

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Bug: This should be consistent, and the app has it right. The web interface needs to be fixed.

On the App, when I contribute to a savings goal, it starts with NO source account selected (that is, default is none). I have to hand-pick the account I want.  I like this, and this is the right way.

On the Web, the source account by DEFAULT is set as my Checking account, which is NEVER the account I want to contribute from.  The default account on the web should be none (not selected) like it is on the app.  The problem with having a default account is it's too easy to contribute from the incorrect account accidentally.

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    @RobWilk, interesting, I never noticed a difference.  You’re good at finding those!

    There’s an idea post about letting users actually choose one (1) default account for each Savings Goal.

    Short of that idea being implemented, I’d agree that your “right way” is more preferable since having anything be pre-populated in that field leads to errors.  I’ve frequently been in a hurry and accidentally debited the wrong account.

    Thanks for finding that oddity.
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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @RobWilk,

    Thanks for reporting this behavior to the Community!

    I'm having a hard time nailing down what the intended design is here, however, I believe that an account not being selected by default on the Mobile App may actually be the bug. At any rate, the behavior should match between Mobile and Web. 

    I did go ahead and get this reported with a note stating that users would prefer to not have an account selected by default when contributing to a Savings Goal, as this is causing accidental contributions from the wrong account. I'll let you know once I receive an update and we'll go from there. :smile:

    @Flopbot, even if an account being selected by default is the intended design, I still wouldn't consider your Idea implemented. Since Simplifi selects the account for you (it appears to be the first account in the list that's selected) instead of letting you decide which account to select by default, we'll leave your request open. :wink:

    -Coach Natalie

  • Coach Natalie
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    @RobWilk and @Flopbot, this issue should now be resolved. They fixed it by changing the Web App so an account is no longer selected by default, which matches the behavior on the Mobile App (as mentioned here already). 😀

    -Coach Natalie

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