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It's great that we can now share access to our account say with a spouse or financial advisor but I would like to be able to control the level of access. At its simplest level view only vs full access.

Further by function - so add or delete accounts, modify spending plans, viewing by accounts, ability to edit transactions by account


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Limited access abilities are being reviewed for Space Sharing!


  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @MoneySkeets,

    Thanks for sharing your suggestion with the Community!

    For the ability to select specific accounts to share with Space Sharing, please be sure to add your votes here:

    -Coach Natalie

  • ekv
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    Yes, I agree. I would really want this! It's almost a requirement for me moving forward. At a minimum, I would want to give access to all of the data…but "read-only" so they can see everything, but I know that nothing will be modified or changed.

  • KP_9
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    Hi @Coach Natalie, very glad to see Simplifi working to enhance Space Sharing. I'd like to pass along a few feature requests for Space Sharing - is there a discussion for general feedback/feature requests? Happy to edit and paste the below there instead.

    1. The ability to grant read-only sharing access. Many users of this feature are looking for financial transparency, not active co-management (the only reason write/edit would be needed). The concept of "least privilege" is one of the foundational principles of keeping any data secure, so please allow folks to grant visibility but not risk anything in our Simplifi spaces getting edited or changed (accidental or intentional)!
    2. Ability to select which accounts are shared. As others have mentioned, some users might only want to share a subset of their accounts with another person. Would be great to select which assets/liabilities are included in sharing.
    3. Ability to set, and view metrics/reports on, joint Savings Goals. Say a couple is saving for a down payment, to which they'll both contribute eventually, but are each saving in their respective personal accounts for now. Being able to track a shared Savings Goal that includes certain accounts from both of their Simplifi profiles would be enormously helpful in tracking progress toward shared savings priorities while keeping actual financial accounts/Simplifi profiles separate.
      1. Side note - being able to tie multiple accounts, including investment accounts, to a Savings Goal is desperately needed, especially for anyone saving for larger life purchases like housing, education, retirement, etc., as those funds are usually invested and not in Checking/Savings accounts. Please prioritize implementing this! I don't use Savings Goals at all today because all my goals involve both multiple accounts and investment accounts.
    4. Combined big picture/shared view financial reporting. With more couples opting to maintain independent finances, which has plenty of benefits, one admitted downside is the difficulty in seeing big picture across both portfolios. It would be incredible if Simplifi could aggregate two Shared Spaces' assets, liabilities, net worth, spending category volumes, etc. into a new "combined" section/dashboard that both people could see, providing a big picture view of all assets and spending across both portfolios. I think many folks would love this, and as a bonus for Quicken, would probably be drive new sign-ups as users encourage their financially-independent partners to create their own accounts (if this existed today, I'd be encouraging my partner to sign up ASAP!).
    5. Ability to have a Shared Space with more than one person. I've gifted Simplifi subscriptions for younger members of my extended family to help them establish good financial habits while still in school, and they've mentioned wanting to share with multiple people - such as their parents and me (for accountability and planning help). Similarly, people might want to share with both their spouse and a financial advisor or tax professional.

  • Peedge
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    Agreed, we need more options for sharing than what's currently available, with the ability to set the access with those we share with. I created an account and shared with my spouse, so gave them full access. Recently our financial advisor asked if they could review our current finances and not only is there not an option to share with more than 1 person, the only access I would be able to grant our financial person is FULL access which seems fairly ridiculous. I can understand limiting access but sharing with 2 others should be the minimum rather than only 1 other person, and we need to be able to set their level of access.

    I can envision granting some sort of access to children or other family members as one gets older as well. Which again, means we need sharing options expanded and refined beyond the current available options.