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Hi folks, I'm just getting oriented to Simplifi, having come over from Empower/Personal Capital. Lots to like so far but I've found some disappointing limitations, I'm hoping I'm just wrong about what's missing because they seem pretty basic but maybe somebody can help me work around them if I have to.

The main thing is that my wife's employer combines her expense reimbursements into her paycheck deposits, and sometimes those expenses are really big, like tens of thousands of dollars. I see how to split those deposits into "Paychecks" and "Work Expenses." However, I don't want to include her work expenses and the subsequent reimbursements into our personal spending and budgets. I don't see any way to automatically exclude "Work Expenses" from reports in the same way Transfers are, which seems like it would be a pretty basic option. I could run a Report that includes everything except "Work Expenses." Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a "Select All" option on the Filter - I would also expect that to be a common, basic function - so I have to go through and select everything other than Work Expenses manually. That wouldn't be so bad except that then, there doesn't seem to be a way to save the resulting Report filter so I wouldn't have to do that whole thing manually again the next time, another feature I would think would be pretty basic.

With Work Expenses included in all the default views none of the budgeting/spending information that Simplifi offers is of any use to me really, which is too bad. I'd be happy for someone to tell me I'm just too stupid to have seen the obvious thing I'm missing (maybe nicer) but if I'm right and these are just features that the program lacks, is there an easier way around them?


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