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Paypal MFA- Is it okay to not enter the MFA?

RobWilk Superuser ✭✭✭✭✭

My answer to the below-closed topic now is yes. However, I have to ask: is there any harm in dismissing the prompt for MFA? I usually know when there are new transactions on this card because I believe I get either text or e-mail alerts about them. When I know I have new transactions, I'll enter the MFA, ideally, otherwise, I'll just skip it, again, ideally.

I ask because there was a recent topic where @Coach Natalie said something about an account being locked (in simplifi) for MFA failure. If I skip too many MFA prompts, will I be locked from that account?


Rob Wilkens


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  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin
    Answer ✓

    Hello @RobWilk,

    Thanks for posting your inquiry to the Community!

    Although I'm not sure if you'll eventually be locked out of an account from not entering MFA in Simplifi (it may depend on the bank), I'd say you should be able to close out of the prompts at your own discretion, which would result in a 187 error state for the account/bank (failed MFA). You can resolve the error by reconnecting the account and completing MFA.

    This is what our support article here says for a 187 error:

    "A multi-factor authentication is required to connect to your" account at [BANK].
    • Error Code: 185 or 187.

    What causes this error?

    You may receive this error if multi-factor authentication is required to add your account or if the multi-factor code entered was invalid.

    Note: If you are receiving this message without being prompted to complete an MFA, please get in touch with Simplifi Support and let them know you're not being asked for MFA.

    How can I resolve this error?

    Simplifi should prompt you with a multi-factor authentication pop-up when refreshing your accounts. If you close the pop-up, it can be re-accessed by selecting the orange exclamation point next to the account name in the account list or by going to Settings > Accounts > and clicking Reconnect Accounts next to the affected account.

    If you receive this error again after completing a multi-factor authentication, it could indicate a multi-factor authentication code was entered incorrectly. If you fail the multi-factor authentication, Simplifi should prompt you to go through the process one more time.

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie


  • RobWilk
    RobWilk Superuser ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank You - So, Assuming the bank doesn't lock me out, resetting the account should fix it on Simplifi's end.

    Rob Wilkens

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