Ability to create Planned Spending Expenses for both Parent and Child Categories (edited)

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It would be the most helpful to get more customized options for the planned spending categories. Rather than creating only one planned spend for the umbrella category it would be helpful to get the option to break those out into their own should i choose to or to create my own custom category.

Also, While the interface is decent enough, Having a view option to have a better overview in single list form with the graph would be easier to view rather than the two column format.

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  • DCGirl

    i would really like that the numbers in planned spending align with the bar graph - right now the amount left is on the left side but it is on the right side of the chart in green. Vice versa the amount used is noted on the right side but it is on the left side in blue on the chart. Completely counterintuitiv

  • SpaceTim
    SpaceTim Member

    I think having the bars in one column in a more compressed format would easier to read. I agree with moving the "amount left" to the right. I'd also like a way to reorder them.

  • Coach Natalie
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    edited November 2023

    Hey everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback!

    Since we want to limit Idea posts to just one suggestion per post, this request has been edited to include just the ability to create Planned Spending expenses for both parent and child categories. For the request to see Planned Spending items in a list format, please be sure to add your votes here instead:

    And if there are any other requests regarding Planned Spending, such as inverting the "spent" and "left" amounts on the Planned Spending cards in what I'm assuming is the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App, please be sure to create a separate post requesting this so other users can vote on it.

    Thanks, and great suggestions!

    -Coach Natalie