Can you please improve the experience for people who itemize their paychecks?

jcm1066 Member
edited December 2023 in Feedback

I've been using this product since the start of the year. Overall I like it, but it pales in comparison to Quicken desktop for tracking paychecks. I file quarterly so I MUST be able to track easily how much I've had taken out in taxes and so on. It is impossible, as best as I can tell, to set up a recurring paycheck with itemized categories. I have to fill them every time. In addition, the sum feature doesn't work well. When I enter my salary and then begin entering deductions, the salary amount changes. Stop doing that! And then when I try to link a reminder to an itemized paycheck, it deletes all of my categories and reverts it back to "salary." Again, stop doing that!


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