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Thanks for having an import section in the first place - I know from past experience that it can be easy feature to add, but a hard one to master.

I tried importing some transactions from my credit card, and had some suggestions to make it a better experience:

  1. It would be great to have a dashboard/wizard - with a preview. This way the user can review what it about to happen before making a mistake.
  2. You could allowing the user to upload any csv file, then choose which columns to import without needed to edit their csv file beforehand
  3. My credit card used positive values for the charges (payments), and negative values for credits (refunds). However, when I imported this file, it was the exact opposite of my expectations. Again, I think a preview would have helped.

In the short-term:

  • You should add the advice to only import 5 transactions the first time. It would make it easier for the customer to ensure everything is importing as expected without causing a major issue.

Thanks for your time!


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