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Maybe a lot of folks won't agree, but I'd like to see the following in the UI :

  1. Dashboard - indentation of individual accounts under each heading or better identification of headings - also abililty to collapse and expand all headings
  2. More themes other than just Light and Dark
  3. An even more compact account register to get more transactions on a page possibly with alternating colors on lines
  4. Ability to adjust fonts


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    In order for any of these to be considered by Simplifi, they need to be turned into “Idea Posts” by you. Before creating them, please do a quick search for keywords to make sure your not creating a duplicate “Idea Post”. This allows everyone to vote on it if we want it too.

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    Will do - thanks Chris

  • Coach Natalie
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    @MWA, thanks for posting!

    I went ahead and moved this out of Feature Requests, as you want to include and outline just one individual suggestion per Idea post.

    With that, for the first item you mentioned, I'm not sure that I'm following. When viewing my Accounts List on the Quicken Simplifi Web App, all of the accounts are indented under the headers, and I'm also able to expand and collapse each section. Are you referring to the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App specifically, by chance? If so, please be sure to specify that when submitting a new request for that individual item.

    For the second item you mentioned, although we don't have an existing request for other themes outside of Light or Dark Mode (you're certainly welcome to create one), we do have a request for Dark Mode on the Mobile App that you may want to vote on if you're using the Mobile App:

    For the third item you mentioned, the Quicken Simplifi Web App already offers the ability to change the row height for your transactions, which allows you to have a more condensed view. Is this request also for the Quicken Simplifi Mobile App specifically? And for the last item, we don't have an existing request for the ability to change fonts, so please be sure to create one for that item specifically.


    -Coach Natalie

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    Thank you Coach Natalie for replying !

    As a general comment, I'm just learning how to navigate the community forum so thanks for pointing me at the 'Creating and Voting for Ideas' area.

    For the indentation on the Web, I meant indenting the text a bit under the heading and not just under the down arrow on the left of the heading. Or possibly a background color or box on the headers to make them stand out better.

    I am using the web app far more than the mobile app so was asking about themes for it.

    Regarding the row height for the transactions, I am using the 'Tight" option now. Maybe it's not feasible to add an even tighter option but just thought I'd bring it up as more transactions could be seen. As an alternative, color alternate rows to make them stand out better ?

    Appreciate your replies !

  • Coach Natalie
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    @MWA, absolutely, and thanks for providing more info!

    I found these additional requests that you may be interested in adding your feedback to:

    If these don't meet your needs for the Accounts List, and regarding the additional items you've mentioned, I'd suggest creating separate Idea posts for the following specific items:

    • Further indent the account names in the Accounts List.
    • Add additional color themes besides Light and Dark Mode.
    • Add an even "tighter" row height option when viewing transactions on the Web App.
    • Add the ability to use different fonts.

    We look forward to seeing your requests!

    -Coach Natalie

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