Transfer Account Assets and Debts History from Mint

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I've successfully transferred my Mint transaction history to Simplifi. I've really appreciated that my transaction tags and notes have transferred. I use the tags and notes to filter data when reviewing my spending history. Simplifi has most of the report features that I want.

The main thing I'm missing to complete my transition from Mint is to backfill my account assets and debts history. I've found that reviewing the longer-term trends in account assets and debts provides a useful perspective on financial health.

Simplifi provides features for this review under Reports

Simplifi tracks assets and debts automatically, but obviously Simplifi can only track the values after the accounts have been added to Simplifi.

It would be useful if Simplifi would allow account assets and debts history to be transferred from Mint via csv file (similar to how Simplifi supports transaction history transfers from Mint). The data are available in Mint under Trends > Assets/Debts > Over time

Mint provides an Export to CSV feature to export the data history. Mint users can export the assets or debts history data for each account similar to exporting transaction history. Simplifi could provide an asset/debt transfer-from-Mint workflow similar to the workflow for transferring Mint transactions.

Is there existing Simplifi functionality that accomplishes this data transfer? If not, can the Simplifi team please add functionality for this? I think a lot of users would appreciate it.



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