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I originally posted this on reddit and was told to post here as well…

Previous Mint user here who stupidly enough switched to Credit Karma (which is not useful at all) to test it out early and now have lost Mint access altogether. As a result, I have been looking for a new budgeting app option and I think I have landed on Simplifi. Ultimately, it seems to be a pretty useful app that supports all of my accounts BUT there are some aspects of the app that have me missing Mint that I think could be easily implemented.

  1. Line Graphs - This is such an easy addition to add to the app. I would like to be able to track trends in my investments, cash, and net worth in line graph format. Its much easier to track trends this way over time. After further exploration, I see that what I'm looking for here is found in the reports section, but this will speak to my second point below.
  2. App Navigation - On the app, navigation is a bit of a pain. If I'm on the dashboard and click on banking, investing, or net worth, it takes you to the All Accounts screen. Unsure of what the purpose of this is. I thought clicking on these would give me more info about each section. You then have to manually go back to the menu to get out of this screen. It's not very intuitive in my opinion. Clicking on these sections could house the information that is found on the menu and the reports screen. For example, clicking on the green "Net Worth" block should bring me to what comes up when I click on net worth under reports. There's an investment tab in the menu section. That should be what is brought up when I click on the purple "Investing" block. There's even a balances tab here that shows a line graph that is useful but this feels kind of hidden. Since the blue "Banking" block mentions credit, cash, and saving, this section could bring up the Total spending section under reports and could also include the income section. Also, a back button should be included once you click on all of the blocks to provide easy access back to the dashboard.

I think if these small changes are implemented, this app would likely be better than Mint ever was.


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