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Notifications are no good if you get too many of them that are unnecessary. People simply stop checking them. (see boy that cried wolf). I've turned off my Simplifi notifications, but still get several per day that I don't need - rendering that aspect of Simplifi useless.

I would very much like to use notifications, but I envision most days I would have none….and when I received one it meant I needed to take action. For example, alert me when my checking account cash flow drops below zero WITHIN X# DAYS (I pick the days)



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    I don't necessarily have a huge problem with the number of notifications, but more the timing of them. I don't get emails for notifications until I am logging into Simplifi. It looks like the act of logging in kicks in the processing that checks things and decides to send out the notifications. But if I am logging in to Simplifi, I will see the notification popups, so why do I need to have emails popping in at the same time. Email notifications are only useful to me if they come in during the day when something happens, not when I am sitting there about to review my transactions anyway.

    Now, notifications from posts on this community forum? Those I have no shortage of coming in all throughout the day and night!!😝

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    Just in case…

    Simplifi notifications can be turned on and off through Settings > Notifications

    There is a notification for low bank balance and you can set what “low” means. Don’t see an option for setting number of days based on cash flow projections.

    Forum notifications can be adjusted via profile > Account & Privacy Settings > Notification Preferences.

    I’m guessing you both know this but thought I’d mention it.

    It seems to me I receive the few notifications I have selected for email without having the app open.

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    I guess I get the "You have X upcoming bills" at random times without opening the app. It's the "Large Transaction Detected" email messages that get sent when I open the app, I guess because Simplifi does know about them until I open the app and my accounts update. I probably should disable those particular notifications since they really don't help.

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    @dharby, thanks for sharing your feedback with the Community!

    I went ahead and moved this out of Feature Requests, as it sounds like what you're actually looking for (the ability to disable in-product notifications) has already been requested:

    Additionally, if you're looking for something specific with a Notification, you'd want to request that individual item in its own Idea post so other users can vote on that particular item accordingly. Our FAQ here has more details on creating Idea posts in the Community:

    With that, I'd suggest taking a look at our Notifications support articles to learn more about how Notifications currently work in Quicken Simplifi: &

    Since there are some customization options already available, you may be able to work with the existing design to make Notifications more meaningful for you. If you're looking for something more, such as the ability to customize the 'Low bank account balance' Notification with more details like "WITHIN X# DAYS" as you mentioned, go ahead and create an Idea post for just that ability.

    The more detailed you can be in your requests, the better to rally votes!

    -Coach Natalie

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