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I am really struggling with the reminders for my recurring series. I've had some just drop off for unknown reasons, and when I try to fix them, it disappears from another month. Because I was getting frustrated, I did a manual audit of my recurring transactions and found something wrong in about half of the months this year.

Does anyone have any guidance about troubleshooting these issues? And is there a particular way I should go about re-adding a reminder? For a few of these that I'm trying to fix, when I go in to the series it does show a correct "next" but it is still missing from the spending plan.



  • Coach Kristina
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    Hello @ClaireD,

    To better assist you with this issue, could you please provide more information? When you say they are dropping off for unknown reasons and disappearing from another month when you fix them, could you clarify where they are dropping off and disappearing from? For instance, are they vanishing from your Spending Plan, vanishing from the Bills & Payments screen, vanishing somewhere else?

    What process are you using when you create the reminders and recurring series? For example, are you going through Settings > Recurring > +Add or are you using the Mark As Recurring option when looking at the Transaction Detail for a transaction in your register, or using a different method?

    Is there any pattern to which reminders/recurring series are problematic? For instance, is there any specific frequency (monthly, weekly, every 3rd Wednesday, etc) that has these issues? Is this happening with connected billers, manual reminders, or both? What is the start date of the reminder/recurring series (is it in the past, current day, or in the future)?

    For the ones that are not showing in your Spending Plan, are these transfers or categorized as credit card payments? By default, those would be excluded from the Spending Plan. If a reminder/recurring series is being excluded and you want it to reflect in the Spending Plan, you should be able to edit the reminder or series, and near the bottom of the Edit screen, you should see an option to check or uncheck the Exclude from Spending Plan box.

    I look forward to your reply!

    -Coach Kristina

  • Robinthemike

    This happened to me, also. My reminder was for a recurring transfer (credit card). I deleted a reminder for the current month for one of my credit card accounts because I did not have any amount due and the reminder was labeled as past due. Instead, the reminder for next month was deleted as a result of deleting the past-due reminder. Currently, there is no way to add back that reminder, which is frustrating. The only workaround is to delete the series and re-add it.

  • Coach Natalie
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    @Robinthemike, it sounds like you're experiencing the issue that's been reported here:

    If so, please be sure to post on the existing topic for this issue so we can take a closer look. Thanks!

    -Coach Natalie

  • Robinthemike

    It does sound like it. Claire D's post also sounds similar to the same issue.

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