Recurring Bill Series: Updating Series not Updating Individual Transactions

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When updating an existing Recurring Series, the individual future Transaction Reminders are not reflecting the updates to the Series. (This is occurring for both Spending Plan and Reports toggles. The below example/explanation focuses on one toggle to simply the issue)

My specific issue has been with the Exclude From toggles. I originally excluded [Example Bill] from the Spending Plan (box checked, and then updated the Series to include it (box unchecked).

I looked at future Transaction Reminders from several months, and the Transaction Reminders are still showing the [Example Bill] Excluded from the Spending Plan.

Method for Updating Series:

Bills & Payments > All Recurring > [Example Bill] … > Edit Series > Uncheck Exclude from: Spending Plan

Method for Checking Future Transactions for Update:

Spending Plan > [Example Month] > Expand Category Containing Example Bill > Edit Reminder

The attached photos include:

Original Edit Series modal with Spending Plan checked

Updated Edit Series modal with Spending Plan unchecked (note the Update button is faded, meaning the update was successful)

Transaction Reminder view from the Spending Plan landing page (shows Exclude icon)

Edit Reminder modal showing Spending Plan is still Checked

Supplemental info below:

I tried refreshing the page with the Simplifi refresh button

I tried refreshing the page with the Browser refresh button

The [Example Bill] is categorized as a Transfer / Credit Card Payment, but I am experiencing this issue with Bills, Subscriptions, and Transfers / Credit Card Payments

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