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Is it possible to see the total spending on all credit card accounts (or a breakdown by credit card account) from the beginning of the current month to the current date? I would like to use this to understand how much I have spend on credit cards in the current month. I'd like to be able to re-run the report each day and have it update with recent spending.

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    To view all spending on credit accounts for month to date, I did the following in the web app.

    Go to reports, Spending, Use This Month as Date Range

    Select your credit cards from the account filter. I included CC in the name of my open credit card accounts for convenience. Your spending will be displayed below.

    Another way

    Go to the transaction list, click on the credit header. Ensure that all your credit cards are assigned the credit type in Simplifi for the list to be complete.

    Type >2/1/2024 in the search box

    Filter transactions by Advanced - Not excluded in reports and Not excluded in spending plan

    You will get a total of transactions at the top of the transaction list per screenshot above.

    In the mobile app, you can filter the spending report by account as well so you can only include your credit cards.

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    UrsulaA seems to have you handled…

    But since you want to run this every day, you may want to vote for the ability to save report options:

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