Make Reports filtering easier

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  • I am trying to pull historical reports for the past few years since importing my data from Mint

    1. I set a date range for a past month (example: Jan 2023) and look at my spending. If I then want to switch tabs and look at income and net income for the same month, the date range resets to the default values. That makes me have to select the date range again. Please consider keeping custom ranges across tabs until I want to reset it.

    2. Make it easier to pick the date range for a month. rather than having to set the first and last day of the month, let me click the month header (Jan 2023) and automatically set Jan 1 - Jan 31

    3. provide similar saved filters for breakdown and filters. As it stands today, it ios very frsutrating and cumbersome to have to keep resetting my ranges and filters.



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