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Why is that I have savings goals that reduce my spending plan total, but it won't automatically "contribute" for me each month? So then I have to go to the savings plan tab, remember how much was the monthly amount that I earmarked for the plan, and then contribute to it manually. This should all be a pretty streamlined process but it becomes more evident to me everyday that savings goals is such an afterthought of a feature.

Either savings goals should be automatically contributed from the spending plan, or I should be able to click a button next to each savings goal within the savings plan to contribute automatically.

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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @jvipatapat,

    Thanks for posting this! We really appreciate the feedback regarding these features and how we can better integrate and streamline this process for our Users.

    Please be sure to add your vote! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie

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    Can you add auto save to saving goals so you don't have to. Manually do. It thanks

  • It would be helpful if simplifi. Auto saved money to our saving goals i instead of doing it manualy

  • Please vote this in

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    Hello @jbegley27,

    Thanks for taking the time to post your request here! Don't forget to add your vote! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie

  • +1, but I'd like to take it even a step further. We transfer a % of our paychecks to savings every pay day. It would be fantastic to be able to attach that transaction and have it accounted for in the contribution goals. Particularly for those of us that have paycheck amounts that change depending on hours worked, over-time, etc.

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    This is exactly what I expected from the Savings Goal feature. (automatic contribution). Hope it gets updated soon.
  • Actually this could be pretty easy to do with an addition to the Recurring entry. In the Recurring entry add a drop down box that lists your goals so you can chose the goal you wish to contribute to.

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    Thank you for all of the features you've added over the past year, especially for goals. There is one lingering issue that holds me back from going 100% in on Simplifi though. Currently I have to manually open Simplifi every month and contribute to all of my goals.

    Let's say I have several goals, including vacation, christmas spending, etc. I also use goals for large annual bills like car insurance or Amazon Prime. Car insurance is significant because it's a lot of money, so I need to account for it in the monthly budget. It needs to be reflected in my spending plan, so that when the time comes, I'll have the money to pay for the car insurance.

    For some reason, you can't automatically contribute to the goal every month, which is surprising to me. The customer service rep I talked to even thought that contribution was automatic. I might miss a couple months, get off track, and end up spending money I shouldn't be spending. I realize there are notifications, but even so, it would be much for efficient and convenient if it was just done for me. Is there something I'm missing?

    Also, I realize I'm using goals for a bill... but I'd still like automatic contribution for things other than bills, like christmas spending.

    And yes, I realize there is no actual money being transferred between accounts.

    Thanks for the consideration. I really need this!
  • Automatically contribute a fixed amount of money to a savings goal or spending plan whenever simplifi detects a paycheck direct deposit. 
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    Agree with @jvipatapat and the others.  This functionality is critical!

    It's a proven method of building wealth over time; to consistently save little bits each and every month, repeatedly, indefinitely.  In searching for new budgeting software, the lack of a way to automatically / repeatedly contribute to Savings Goals is one of my critical requirements and is causing me to question if Simplifi will really work for us.

    While I'm new to Simplifi (still in my 30-day trial), I've been using Quicken Desktop since 2014 and it does have this functionality.  For a real world example, lets say I have one (1) $200 deposit going directly into my Savings Account each and every paycheck - every two weeks.  Then, in Quicken Desktop, I set up six (6) automatic, recurring Savings Goal contributions:
    • $100 into a "Car Replacement" Savings Goal
    • $50 into a "Home Maintenance" Savings Goal
    • $20 into a "Appliance Replacement" Savings Goal
    • $10 into a "Education" Savings Goal
    • $10 into a "Computer Replacement" Savings Goal
    • $10 into a "Whatever" Savings Goal
    I - nor do other users - have the time to do this manually.  For me, this would be twelve (12) manual transactions every two weeks!  If I added more Savings Goals, it would get even more untenable!

    Simplifi, please add Savings Goals to this list when adding transactions to the "Upcoming" tab.


    Is there any update as to the status of this request?  Is it being considered?  Worked on?

    Thank you.
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    Hello @Flopbot,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on the ability to automatically contribute to Savings Goals!

    Unfortunately, this one is not on the roadmap yet, as far as I'm aware. I have gone ahead and passed this along to my Team, however, as I do see the significant number of votes and feedback that we've received for this feature request.

    We do, however, have another Idea post for the ability to create Recurring Transactions for your Savings Goals, and to make them a part of your Spending Plan, that's 'In Progress': https://community.simplifimoney.com/discussion/382/recurring-transaction-for-savings-goals-and-make-it-a-part-of-my-spending-plan-edited/p1?new=1

    It's very possible that when this feature is implemented, it may allow for automatic contributions; fingers crossed! Please be sure to stay tuned for future updates! :smiley:

    -Coach Natalie
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    Thanks Coach Natalie,

    There appears to be something wrong with the vote feature on that page...the up/down arrows are missing on my screen...I am logged in.

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    Hello @Flopbot,

    It looks like the referenced Idea post has been closed for voting, as it is marked as 'In Progress'. Once we start working on implementing a Feature Request and the Idea Status gets updated accordingly, the post becomes closed to additional votes. 

    You can, however, follow the post for any updates, as well as bookmark it so that you're automatically notified of any changes. 

    I hope this helps! :blush:

    -Coach Natalie
  • Really a miss that you have to MANUALLY put money toward a savings goal (virtual savings account).  Would be great to be able to put $5/week into a savings goal for my son and daughter for their allowance.  Not useful given I have to go in manually to do this.  
  • I'd like to note that missing this feature means the post/article about Simplifi supposedly working for zero-based or envelope-style budgeting really isn't accurate. Given zero-based (Ala YNAB) would require many savings goals, having to perform manual steps for each additional goal is not scalable to that level without massive overhead.
  • Lindz
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    Agree that the savings goal feature needs a way to track actual transactions toward this goal. I have it automated with my bank to take a set dollar amount each month and move it to my specified savings account. Would love to see that I could link that transaction when it appears to the savings goal. It would seem like I should be able to since when I set up the savings goal I selected the account which would house the savings at my bank. 

    Love the app and it’s so close to finally being a one stop app for balancing accounts, budgeting and future planning!  
  • Really I'm just looking for retirement goals. I want to specify a list of accounts to automatically count toward the savings goal. Mint had this feature and it was really nice.

  • llamafilm
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    +1 on this. The savings goal feature isn’t useful at all in its current state.

  • aolafsson
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    Agreed. When I realized this didn't happen automatically, I just deleted all the Savings Goals and just added the custom aggregate number to my Savings Plan. It's not helpful if I need to take on the manual reconciliation of all transactions. For now, I have the savings account named according to the goal, and can view the balance in my account list. But I'd really love to use Savings Goals, as there is something inspiring about seeing that goal out there, the total, and the progress bar.

    To add, contributing automatically isn't just the "contribution" but also when the account earns in interest. That's also something to be reconciled manually today. For anyone with lots of savings accounts for a half dozen goals, not sustainable.

  • ajbopp
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    Having Simplifi automatically divert money from my accounts into savings goals would be disconcerting at best, and dangerous at worst.

    I can't imagine the motivation for having this be automated. It would cause me to totally abandon savings goals (which I still use despite several other, far more serious issues)

    Anthony Bopp
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  • J_M_F
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    100% concur. I have a monthly transfer from checking to savings. Would be great for this to be linked such that it automatically contributes to the savings goal.

  • When you have many savings goals, it is very inconvenient that you have to contribute to each one separately every month. I would like the contributions to be divvied up automatically, or at least with a single button press each month.