How are you all sharing meaningful reports with spouses outside of the app?

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I'm relatively new to Simplifi. The reports are pretty good, but I can't figure out how to print/share them as a pdf in any meaningful way without a tremendous amount of effort.

I manage the money for our house and need to share spending/saving info w/ my wife to make sure we stay on track with our shared goals.

I know she can have an account and log in to look at the reports herself, but that is not a workable solution for us.

I really need a way to easily share this information with her offline/outside of the app.

Anyone else have these use requirements? How are you solving for it in your home?



  • Coach Natalie
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    @tylertervooren, thanks for reaching out to the Community with your inquiry!

    Hopefully other users come along with great feedback and advice on how they accomplish this in Quicken Simplifi. I don't personally have the need to share reports with my spouse so I unfortunately don't have any solutions to offer. However, we have some existing Idea posts that I'd suggest checking out. Other users may have posted workarounds in these threads, and you can also vote on them to increase the odds of them being implemented in the future.

    I hope this helps!

    -Coach Natalie

  • tylertervooren

    Thanks, Natalie. Reading through those threads, I did not see any workarounds for this issue. I voted on the existing ideas. Hopefully they get some traction.

  • KP_9
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    Adding my voice to hoping Quicken improves sharing features in general to cover more common use cases for collaboration, such as with a partner, financial advisor, or children/younger family members who need oversight and mentoring in good financial habits.

    There are few export capabilities and the current Space Sharing feature is so basic with significant enough deficiencies that I haven't used it, such as the fact that it grants full read/write permissions to the recipient and is all-or-nothing sharing (no granularity of sharing only some accounts) - uncomfortably excessive for people who want to share certain aspects of their portfolio, not actively co-manage a full Simplifi account.

    @tylertervooren, re: your question on how other folks are handling data sharing today, I opt for an in-person review with the live app pulled up on screen for my spouse and I to reference together when we're discussing progress toward goals, etc. There's a Download to CSV icon for Transactions, but I'm not seeing download options for other reports. Probably would need to resort to screencaptures/browser native Print to PDF functionality to share those externally without a partner logging in themselves directly or to a Shared Space.

    Would love to see future enhancements to sharing in general, such as the suggestions I outlined in the linked post below. I'll probably turn that post into its own feature request to see if it can get some attention.