Ability to Exclude Categories and Tags from Reports and Spending Plan [edited] (2 Merged Votes)

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would be great to be able to exclude certain categories or tags from spending trends.. For example, all reimbursable, or vacation spending.. both of which tend to cause lumpiness that's not really indicative of spending patterns.

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  • Coach Nicole
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    Thank you so much for the feedback. I know that we currently have the option to exclude specific transactions from the Spending Plan and Insights (reports), but not specific categories or tags. I think this is a great suggestion. I'm going to change this thread into an Idea so other users can vote to increase demand for this function!

  • EL1234
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    I'd like to be able to hide a specific Expense category from my Spending Plan.

    Alternatively, I'd like to be able to categorize a category as something other than Income or Expense (maybe "Transfer" would make sense?)

    An example: I sometimes purchase things for my employer, and then get reimbursed. The reimbursement doesn't always happen in the same month as the purchase (if it did, the transactions would cancel each other out) but I don't want them part of my Spending Plan.


  • dogtreatfairy
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    Mint has a feature where I can show or hide categories from Budget and Trends from the entire site. These settings do not change every time I log out. It's incredibly helpful. I have a lot of business expenses I would like to ignore in my personal finances. I can categories or tag them, but if I want to hide them, I have to do it individually. This is absolutely not feasible with hundreds of items to hide... Completely honestly, this is a deal breaker for me. I have the trial for the rest of the month and will continue to use Simplifi, as I think it's a great product, but after that I may switch to something else that has that feature.
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @dogtreatfairy,

    Thank you for posting your suggestion to the Community!

    I have gone ahead and merged your post with an existing Idea post requesting that the same type of abilities be added to Simplifi -- please be sure to add your vote! :smiley:

    -Coach Natalie
  • Flopbot
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    Great idea @mcjerbons!  This ability should be a great addition. 
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    New to Simplifi in 2021.
  • jondehen
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    Adding my vote:

    I like the idea of excluding certain accounts from the spending plan, but for my use case (and I'm sure many others), excluding categories from the spending plan would be just as useful, if not more so.

    I have two use cases:
    #1 - misc interest earned in savings/checking accounts.  I would like to exclude the "interest earned" category from showing up in the spending plan.  I'm not counting a few dollars here or there as income even though it technically is.

    #2 - "personal" checking accounts.  My spouse and I both have our own checking accounts (still joint) where we have our "fun money" that is spent on anything we want using various credit cards.  Currently these personal transactions show up in the Other Spending area as our custom personal categories.  We don't want to include our personal transactions in our overall spending plan for the month as this skews things and counts against our monthly budget.  More or less, our personal transactions are outside of the monthly budget.  Our contribution to these checking accounts could also be excluded.  When we make a purchase, we transfer the amount from our personal checking to our joint checking.

    Thanks for the consideration!
  • Excluding categories and tags should definitely be added.  I'll be looking at other products if the upgrade isn't coming soon.
  • Yes ability to hide & not just show is required!
  • Please add the ability to exclude a category or tag to allow queries that answer specific questions for users.
  • +1.

    As a user who uses the same card for personal and work expenses, it would save me a lot of time if I could just tag it designating it as a reimbursable or work expense and have that charge automatically not show up on spending plans or reports.
  • bbertchie
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    [removed] So how many votes does something need to get before it's assigned to development?  This topic has been open for 3 years and programmatically, it's an easy fix.  Create a check box option on the category and then adjust the query to exclude.
  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @bbertchie,

    Thanks for the inquiry!

    Unfortunately, we don't have a one size fits all answer when it comes to feature requests being submitted to the Product Team for review. Although a post requires at least 20 votes before we will submit it, we use a combination of vote count, user feedback, and level of need when determining which requests to submit.

    Sadly, there are other requests in front of this one with a higher vote count and feedback. However, since this request has more than 20 votes, it will be submitted sooner than most others. There is also the possibility that the Product Team will pick up a request before it's submitted by the Care Team. 

    We appreciate your patience!

    -Coach Natalie
  • jtscanlon
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    Throwing my vote in the ring for this feature too!

  • Agree, would love to see this feature added.

  • cfields
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    Likewise, I want to be able to exclude categories or tags when I run a report. How much did I spend, for example, without my charity & donations? I want to know how much I typically need to live on. I could do that by painstakingly checking all the categories I want to include except that one, but that is a great deal of work and there is no way to save it. This feature is badly needed!

  • It would be so useful to be able to exclude my category 'Work Expenses' from my Spending Plan, to separate work and personal expenses.

  • Please add the feature so that any transaction in a specified category will be hidden from reports/spending plan!

  • tdehagen
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    edited November 2023

    I would also like this feature. I have two weeks of transactions from a vacation that I would like to categorize together or add a tag to all the transactions to hide/unhide them easily so I can see my YTD spending trends with and without the vacation.

  • I definitely want the ability to exclude tags or categories when viewing reports. It would be great if this feature could be added!

  • SimplifiJSHL
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    Has this made it in yet? Would really love to be able to do this. At a minimum would like to be able to batch edit the exclusion checkboxes so that I could do this manually without going into each individual transaction.

  • I would like the ability to be able to exclude specific categories or tags. Would be way easier than going transaction by transaction to exclude certain things.

  • Sandee
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    Please add the ability to exclude from spending plan and exclude from reports to a whole category.

  • SimplifiJSHL
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    @Coach Natalie Any update on this one? I see that there's a tags filter - could essentially achieve similar exclusion function by adding a "blank" checkbox there (i.e., would include untagged plus selected tags in the report).

  • Would really love something like this, but I get it. A lot of former Mint users (guilty) are going to want to see this added now, but once we settle in, it will no longer matter. We'll have gone through and manually done it, and then just do it as the transactions happen.

    With that said, I would really love to see this happen.

  • Wanted to add that it seems like categorizing as "Balance Adjustment" was a bit of a workaround for me, it automatically hid the transactions from the spending plan. Pretty cool.

  • +1, this would be a great feature!

  • jhez94
    jhez94 Member

    +1 for me

  • adityaag
    adityaag Member

    +1 for me.. any status on this? Coming from mint, this is a key feature for me as I have specific tags I add to exclude transactions from reports.

  • Coach Kristina
    Coach Kristina Moderator admin

    Hello @adityaag,

    For status updates, please bookmark this idea thread. Currently, it shows In Review since it's been submitted to the Product Team for review. When we have updated information, the status of the Idea will be updated.

    Thank you!

    -Coach Kristina

  • You can hide individual transactions, but then that category appears as being unspent with useable funds. I'd like to hide the whole category from that month's total spend while keeping in the reports section.

    For example, I might budget 600 a month for student loans. I throw a lot of extra towards that right now, so it really increases my spend for the month and doesn't give me an accurate picture of my typical discretionary spending. Being able to quickly toggle individual categories to count towards the month and the overall spending reports would mean I could quickly look back and say this is my average spend for each month on living expenses without factoring in the student loan category.