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Every time I log in, I have to go through a two-factor text message with my retirement and college savings accounts. I don't actually need to check those accounts that often, I'd love to be able to tell Simplifi to only connect to those accounts weekly, or monthly. 

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  • jtscanlon
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    Agreed — I have the same issue with Venmo (for both my Venmo and my wife's Venmo account) and it drives me CRAZY. We don't need to update that account every time I open the site or app — the option to refresh specific linked accounts manually (vs every time the app/site opens) would be VERY welcome, and probably very easy to implement… please!

  • EL1234
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    I have the same problem with a store credit card that I use probably twice a year. Every time Simplifi refreshes, it emails me a code! I'd like to have it refresh on a schedule (say, once a week, or after the statement closes), or click a button to specifically refresh that account.

  • S'lee
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    Thanks for the work around. I hope there is a better fix soon, but this will safe me much grief!

  • Books
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    +1 on a feature to disable automatic refresh for some/all accounts.

    My partner gets a text from Vemmo for an MFA code every time we open Simplifi. I've disconnected the account as a workaround. Would be much more nice to be able to manually trigger this when needed.

    Less annoying: Two of my other accounts fire secondary authentication modals on login, but at least those can be dismissed before they push out notifications.

  • RyanB
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    I have four accounts that do not need to be downloaded all the time and get MFA popups ALL THE TIME - specifically Mortgage, 529, IRA and 401k. The mortgage account only changes once a month. For the 529s monthly is enough. Weekly on the IRA and 401k would be good, but monthly is fine.

    Easy solution - Monthly/weekly/daily update options on the setting for each account. Better option - automatically learn when accounts update and dynamically adjust the schedule while still allowing manual changes.

  • BrentGT
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    Certain accounts do not need to be polled on each refresh. Two examples:

    A mortgage account could only be polled once or twice a month.
    A credit card with a minimum spend, like a subscription that's paid in full every month, could be polled once a month.

    I have run into specifically with my mortgage that I get 2fa'd every time Simplifi refreshes, which it would be nice if you could say check on these dates only or the 1st and 15th.

    This feature could ultimately reduce the call to other institutions and reduce the overall time to refresh on most days. If an account is using a custom polling schedule, a simple refresh of this account could now be added to sync immediately.

  • MehulAmin
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    Completely agree with this request. This is one of the biggest reasons I might quit using Simplifi. I have a few accounts that have multi-factor authentication turned on (and in this day and age you should have it turned on). There are a couple of ways to solve this:

    1. As requested above - have an option to make some accounts "manually refresh" so the user can refresh at will.
    2. Stop with the popups - one of the most annoying things you can do is popup multiple windows when multiple accounts require authentication verifications. Some apps like Mint.com and Empower.com do it nicely without a popup. They put a big warning or red marker on the account with a tooltip stating that the account requires an authentication. IMHO - I think this is the smartest way to do it.

  • markb
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    If we could be more selective with how frequently we need refreshes that would probably also help with reliability in connecting to providers, as the load on their systems would not be nearly so heavy.

  • gurhos

    +1 vote on this. New user.Currently unlinked few accounts just to avoid the authetication pop-ups.

  • moneyhound

    I have to upvote this as well. Even worse, it will send me the mfa code but then there is no obvious place for me to enter the code in simplifi, especially when i do a refresh across all my accounts. It seems to be hit and miss with the various windows as to whether it properly prompts me to enter the various mfa codes.

  • simplira
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    +1 please implement this. MFA for multiple accounts driving me crazy…

  • Stu B

    Is there any point to +1 this thread? I mean it's been a top request for a couple years.

    Oh well….Plus 1 for scheduled (like monthly) or manual syncing of accounts to avoid the constant MFA prompts.

    PS. Even if I hit "cancel" on the MFA popup….venmo still sends one out.

  • domg1
    domg1 Member

    This drives me crazy as well, I am really surprised it’s been a requested feature for years with no update

  • Charlie74

    A big +1 from me, it would be nice to schedule some accounts to only update weekly, or bi-weekly, etc, in order to avoid the daily MFA code requirements and all the pop ups.

    Alternatively, it would be nice to set an account to 'only sync when requested'. So the credentials are there, the account just doesn't update until I ask it to.

  • Archie
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    +1 on this. MFA is driving me crazy. I don't need to see my Mortgage account to refresh everyday.

  • Dillon
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    It would be nice to be able to set an account connected to a financial institution to only update upon request. I have some lesser used accounts that don't have frequent activity and they require MFA. It would be nice to have a way to mark these accounts only to update upon request so I am not prompted for a one time use code every time I go to the website or open the app on my phone. This would also reduce the email/text/etc… from one time use codes being sent when I don't feel it's necessary to update the account.

  • Backwardsd

    +1 please implement this!!

  • traveller2020

    +1 please implement! would like to avoid auto checking an account that rarely gets updated.

  • MWA
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    It would be nice to be able to refresh accounts on a scheduled individual basis.

    For example, you may want to refresh a credit card account daily but refresh a mortgage account monthly rather than all accounts refreshing when you log in.

  • RobWilk
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    Yours will probably be merged with this, which has 37 votes as of now… So you're not starting with 1 vote.

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    Rob Wilkens

  • MWA
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    Sorry about that - I didn't see that one.

  • y11
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    Adding Wells Fargo to the list. I actually opted out from their MFA making my account less secure so I can use with simplifi (oops)

  • kollock
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    Thrivent and Oklahoma 529 requesting 2FA kills my migration experience form Mint. Either manual refresh or scheduled refresh on certain accounts would be huge.

  • FormerMinter
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    Hi, I have a feature request: This is tied to accounts/banks/creditcard companies that have a multi-factor auth or require a secondary login prior to allowing access. While the broader streamlining discussions go on with agencies, I think there's a small work around that can be implemented that helps both Quicken and the customer.

    Implement a "snooze" option that allows the customer to not get a daily reminder that they need to reconnect w/ MFA on that account. This way, the customer can indicate, "snooze" on this for the next 5, 15, or 30 days to when the customer wants the data to be refreshed. The customer is also able to "bypass" the snooze and force an MFA transaction.

    Seems like a small effort that would get a win on both sides while allowing Simplifi and the account entity to discuss stream line options at their own pace.

  • FutureEye
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    exactly what I need. Sadly open from a long time.

  • UrsulaA
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    Once Wells Fargo was connected to Simplifi via OAuth API, the MFA prompt went away for me. I kept MFA at Wells Fargo active. I believe that once Simplifi expands OAuth API connectors with institutions, the MFA issue will be mitigated. Still, this feature request is needed for those institutions without OAuth API.

    See more detail on the API connectors here.

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  • Deep
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    it will be nice to self select bank with manual sync. It comes handy when bank forces 2FA in each refresh. We can put them in manual sync and avoid receding pop ups every time we login into Simplify app or website