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Many of us use a credit card to make all of our purchases to get points, airline miles, etc. Those of us who do normally pay off those cards at the end of the month (otherwise it makes no sense to purchase with those cards). 

Why not give the option to do this: link the credit card balances to the projected cash flow in your checking account of choice. This would allow the user to see, in real time, what their "real" cash flow projection is going to be.

For example:
  • John Doe is projecting a cash flow balance of $1000 on March 1st in his checking account
  • John Doe's credit card balance is currently $1100
  • If we can tie those two together, then John Doe would actually see a projected balance in his checking account of -$100. This could be then tied to the alerts giving John a warning notification that his projected cash flow is going to be under-water soon and he needs to adjust his budget.
This would give folks like us an accurate representation of how much cash we really have based on the way we leverage credit cards. What say ye?
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  • Coach Natalie
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    Hello @Jedp,

    That's a great suggestion!

    I have gone ahead and turned this into an Idea post so that other Users can vote on it and our Product Team can review it. Please be sure to add your vote as well! :smile:

    -Coach Natalie
  • bbertchie
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    Would be great to include credit card balances in cash flow projections.  So if my checking account shows 5K but I have a 3K credit card balance - my net cash flow would be 2K
  • RobWilk
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    My post was merged in to this, but my post had nothing to do with this.   Mine was daily versus per transaction cash flow

    Rob Wilkens

  • Coach Natalie
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    edited March 2022
    Hello @RobWilk,

    Sorry for any confusion!

    I did merge this Idea post with a duplicate post right before you commented here, however, this is definitely for something different. It looks like your Idea post is still in its rightful place!

    Please let me know if I'm mistaken, though! :wink:

    -Coach Natalie
  • Flopbot
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    I believe this idea post is really about Simplifi providing a better - more efficient - way of solving a standard issue that so many of us face.  That's great and I'm all for it.  I'd love a better way too!

    In the meantime while we wait, I did find a way of setting up my CC's that seems to work well with the Projected Cash Flow graph and explain it in more detail in this post (click here).  At the beginning of the month, the various Projected Cash Flow charts just show placeholder transactions of +/- $1.  However, when I receive the CC bill and add it to Simplifi, the deposit/withdrawal shows up correctly on the various Projected Cash Flow Charts for my CHECKING and CC accounts.

    Granted, I'm talking specifically about the CC payment and the original idea post above might be talking about something slightly different.
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  • Zooly
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    I too would like this feature. I am evaluating this product and not having this feature will be a deal breaker and I will most likely cancel my subscription unless there are plans of this being added in the very near future. Quicken has the ability to link the credit card balance and use the statement balance for the payment and I would like this feature for this product.
  • Jedp
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    Hey @Zooly! I've been using Simplifi for a year now. They have listened to us and continue to do so. I believe in them - the product is easily the best financial management software for individuals and families. Have patience (I know - I want this feature too so I get it) and keep sharing feedback. I've found them to be the single most responsive software team to our needs.