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I have over a dozen checking accounts, how am I supposed to know which checking account is associated with which bank when looking at the dashboard? It lists a dozen different "Checking" accounts. Sure, I can manually edit the account name and prepend each of them with the bank/institution name, ex: "Bank of America - Advantage Plus Checking" but that seems silly. Also long account names get truncated, which results in an account name like: "Bank of America - Advantage..."

Your system already knows which institution owns each account, why not include that info? Mint and PersonalCapital already do this.

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  • Coach Tappan
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    @johnb I agree! This is an excellent suggestion, and I've already cast my "vote" to move it up our priority list. Other users have requested that Simplifi offer a suggested name for each new account you add, based on the information we have (like the name and last 4 digits of a credit card) , to give them a chance to accept, reject, or modify that suggestion. We appreciate your feedback!

  • I agree and it is important. What I’ve done, is rename each account with the abbreviation of the bank institution in the beginning of their name. This has helped me keep track of the different banks.