Why do I need to fix your connection issues?

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I recently chatted with an agent about connecting to Target RedCard and Verizon Wireless. Is this for real?

Them: Hi there! Welcome to Simplifi 😄 I’m Coach Jose and I’ll be happy to help you today!

Me: Hi, Jose!

I'm trying to connect my Target RedCard as to a bill reminder, but it keeps saying "Your Target account is locked. Please sign into the Target website to address your issue. This login is locked. You will need to resolve this with your biller before connecting to Simplifi" but I'm able to login at rcam.target.com just fine.

Them: I'm sorry to hear you encountered such a situation, allow me a moment while I take a look into this, please.

Me: Np

Them: Thank you very much for holding, could you try to connect the biller using the Quicken Simplifi mobile app?

Me: Sure

When I do it on mobile, it pops up saying it's securing connection and then immediately goes away. It does not show any indication that it is working on connecting in the background. It still says "connect biller" when tapping the three dots.

Them: I see, could you try using a different internet connection if available?

Me: Sure

Them: Thank you!

Me: I switched from Wi-Fi to my cellular network and got the same result

Them: Thank you for trying, could you take a screenshot of the error on the browser and upload it to us? You can use the following link: [redacted] and PIN [redacted] to upload it.

Me: Yes, it takes a minute to fail...


Them: Thank you, one moment, please.

Thank you very much for holding, are you requested to complete a two step verification process when you sign into your biller's website?

Me: Indeed

Them: Thank you, do you have an option to turn the two step verification process off on your biller's website?

Me: Let me check. I assume this would be a temporary measure?

Them: Correct.

Me: I do not see an option to disable or otherwise bypass the two-step authentication.

Them: That's okay, do you have an option to change the way you receive the code, either SMS or email?

Me: When I log in, it will ask if I want the code sent to my phone or my email.

Them: Thank you, could you provide us with the log files of your Quicken Simplifi? Here are the steps:

For Windows:

In the web version, select Profile.

With the Profile pop-up open, hold down the Alt key until you see Send Feedback

While still holding the Alt key, click Send Feedback.

In the Send Feedback pop-up, ensure all checkboxes are selected.

Then, click Send.

For Mac:

In the web version, select Profile.

With the Profile pop-up open, hold down the Option key until you see Send Feedback

While still holding the Option key, click Send Feedback.

In the Send Feedback pop-up, ensure all checkboxes are selected.

Then, click Send.

Me: Sure. Do I just do it from the bills & payments tab, or should I have the target dialog up, or anything special?

Them: No need for the screenshot, the report is general and we already got the screenshot of the error.

Me: Sent. It has a reference id of [redacted].

Them: Thank you for all the information provided; this particular error requires an escalation, which has been submitted. We will follow up with you once we have an update or need further information. Sadly, I don't have an ETA, but we expect to have it resolved soon.

Me: Ok, thanks. I am having a similiar issue with Verizon. When I log in, it accepts it, then shows the dialog again and says "Verizon Wireless requires a one-time verification code to link to your accounts." and that "This login is locked. You will need to resolve this with your biller before connecting to Simplifi," but again, the account is not locked. If I say connect again, after some time a third dialog box will appear for the two-step authentication. It offers to send notification or cancel. I say send notification. The notification never arrives.

This happens on both the web app and the mobile app.

Them: What is the number you are expecting to get the notification?

Me: It's the same as the login. It is the master account and my personal phone.

Them: Can you confirm the number?

Me: Ah. [redacted]

Them: Thank you for the information, could you sign into your billers website and confirm if there is an option to enable this two step security setting and review if it is off?

Me: Alright, I was able to disable it.

Them: Can you try to connect the biller again?

Me: Certainly

So, I turned it off, but it's still offering to "Send Notification" or "Cancel"

I selected "Send Notification"

Hm, let me double check the settings.

I've verified the that two-factor authentication is off. There are no other two-factor or push notification related settings.

Despite that setting being off, even logging into Verizon directly requires a notification to be sent to my phone...

Them: Got it, let me see if I can report this, one moment.

Me: Let me add that the dialog box appeared a fourth time and says "Request timed out. Make sure you can login on this biller's website, and then try again." and has an empty dropdown box and then beneath that box, it says:


I have a screen snip ready if desired.

Them: When you log into the business websites for the two billers after an attempt to connect them in Simplifi, are you promoted to unlock the account or change your password or anything?

Or nothing happens after the sign in?

Me: Nothing happens on their end

Them: Thank you very much for holding, in this particular scenario we need you to get in touch with your billers to unlock the accounts, if the accounts are locked we are unable to submit a report.

Me: The accounts are not locked

Them: That is the message we get in our side and we are unable to continue further is we are being locked from the biller.

What could be block is the third party access not your account itself. Do you have any additional questions for me at this time?

Me: You need me to get into contact with the billers about your API access?

I never had to do such a thing with Mint

Them: I understand your concern but we are unable to continue with the process if we are being locked.

Are there any other questions you would like to ask me right now?

Are you still with me? I'm happy to wait a few more minutes to allow you time to reply.

Me: Yeah, I'm still here. I will contact them, but again, this never needed to be done when I was using Intuit Mint. Why is that the case here?

Them: What do you mean by here? Quicken Simplifi is a complete different company.

Me: Yeah, I know that. I'm just confused why it is so much more difficult to connect things with Quicken Simplifi?

Them: Is it correct that various companies handle different processes?

It appears you might have stepped away for a moment. No problem! I'll stick around for a bit to allow you time to reply!

No problem if you are not available right now - you can get back to me whenever you can. I'm signing off now but just reach out via this chat or request a callback if you need any further help. Have an awesome rest of your day!



  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin

    @t3hhcaptain, thanks for the feedback!

    I'm not personally seeing anything concerning with the disclosed chat interaction, though I apologize for your frustration with the outcome. If you'd like to report these issues to the Community, I'd suggest creating a separate post to outline each issue. It looks like you most likely created a post for the Verizon issue here, so feel free to create another post for Target RedCard and we'd be happy to take a closer look.

    -Coach Natalie

  • t3hhcaptain

    @Coach Natalie There is nothing inherently concerning with the chat interaction, but I don't feel like I am believed or that you are understanding my problem. Why do I need to sort out your API connectivity issues? All Verizon says it that the account is not locked.

  • Coach Natalie
    Coach Natalie Administrator, Moderator admin

    @t3hhcaptain, although I can't speak for the agent you worked with, it looks like they determined that you needed to contact Verizon to make sure the account wasn't locked after completing their troubleshooting, which is not abnormal in some situations. At any rate, I responded to you here regarding the Verizon connection —

    Hopefully we can help get things sorted out for you. 🙂

    -Coach Natalie

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