SoFi Vault transactions shown under wrong account


Its great to see SoFI integration and it working with pulling various vault balances.

Though the problem is, all vault transactions like interest deposit are being imported under Sofi's savings account instead of the vault they belong under

What can I do to workaround this?

Delete and manually add transactions doesn't sound right: that's just tedious and defeats the automatic pull functionality.

Can I move transactions from one account to another?



  • Coach Kristina
    Coach Kristina Moderator admin

    Hello @simplifi_struggle,

    To answer your question about moving transactions from one account to another, there is limited ability to move transactions to another account. With manual transactions, in the All Transactions screen, the account field will be a dropdown that allows you to select the account you want. To move transactions in bulk or move transactions that downloaded from the financial institution, the only way to do it is Exporting those transactions, then Importing them into the account you want them to go to. I can see others have requested a better way to bulk move transactions between accounts. You may want to review this Idea and add your vote and a comment:

    Ideas that get enough votes may be implemented in the future.

    It is odd that those vault transactions are downloading into the incorrect account. Is the vault considered a sub-account of the Savings account? Is this causing the balance in the Savings account to reflect incorrectly? Was it previously downloading correctly, or has it been doing this ever since the account(s) have been connected?

    I look forward to your reply!

    -Coach Kristina

  • simpli_struggle

    I just started using Simplifi and first time connected SoFI to Simplifi.

    It has been downloading the vault transactions always into the Savings account.

    What's odd Simplifi DID recognize the vaults as separate accounts with their individual balances (but no transactions). Within SoFi WebUI, vaults are sub-accounts to Savings. So, i understand the difficulty Simplifi is having, but then it would be nice if either the vaults are not recognized at all or fully recognized with transactions. This half-way solution is ODD.

  • Coach Jon
    Coach Jon Moderator admin

    Hello @simpli_struggle,

    Thanks for letting us know! Unfortunately, these vault transactions/accounts aren't something Quicken Simplifi is set up to support matching at this time. We do have a great idea post that is in line with what you are wanting in Quicken Simplifi however, and you can vote and follow the post here:


    Coach Jon

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