Add a setting to revert to downloaded Payee info (edited)

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Simplifi appears to apply its own algorithm for interpreting Payee info and dumbing it down to something shorter. When doing this however, context is often lost. I vastly prefer to have my transactions list match exactly how a payee would show up in my credit card. It seems that Simplfi already knows this information because it is shown when a transaction is expanded - I would prefer the ability for it to display that way by default, with an option to go to the way it is now if someone prefers. Makes more intuitive sense to me.

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  • Agree, this issue is making it difficult to categorize many of my most frequent transactions. The app is recoding payee to Apple when the original download payee was either 'Apple Cash' or 'Paypal Transfer' (used for appstore subscriptions). I'd like to retain the original payee information so I can recategorize accordingly. Similarly, I'd like to differentiate between Amazon credit card payments and shopping charges, but they all say payee 'Amazon'. It would be helpful to be able to turn off that auto-renaming of the payee to show the downloaded information like the OP suggests. Alternatively, custom rules for category and renaming could look at that original payee information in addition to the recoded payee so payee='Apple' and description keyword 'cash'  can be assigned to a different category than payee='Apple' description keyword contains 'Paypal'.